Compare Assignment Writing Services and Chat GPT: Which One is More Reliable?

A recent study has revealed that 70% of college students are always stressed because of their assignments. While tough deadlines are the main reason for anxiety, students also stress over complicated tasks, large assignments, and a shortage of time. In addition to this, most students want to be financially independent of their parents and work several jobs. As you can see, it’s physically impossible to handle such a huge workload alone and manage to submit all the papers on time. That’s why most college students ask experts providing an assignment writing service for their help. Others, try to handle the situation by themselves and use AI writing tools like GPT Chat to accelerate their work. Let’s discuss these services separately. 

GPT Chat Has Some Significant Advantages and Several Disadvantages

Before discussing the benefits and downsides of ChatGPT, let’s answer the question, “What is Chat GPT?” It’s a language model created by OpenAI that uses learning algorithms to generate texts and helpful information. Here are some of its positive and negative qualities:


  1. Compared to an assignment writing service, ChatGPT is completely free..
  2. The platform has a minimalistic design and simple navigation.
  3. The software processes the requests and generates responses within seconds.


  1. The software lacks originality. Compared to texts written by a human, content created by an AI language model has no creative potential.
  2. In the same way that plagiarism can be detected with anti-plagiarism tools, the content generated by ChatGPT can be recognized by AI detectors. For example, GPTZero can analyze the structure of any text and infer whether it was written by a human or artificial intelligence.
  3. There is a high chance that the software will produce low quality content. While speed is one of the benefits of GPT Chat, the quality of the content is definitely a downside.
  4. The software cannot verify the facts. The ChatGPT database has not been updated since 2021. Therefore, the tool cannot check the facts and their veracity.
  5. ChatGPT cannot write complicated texts and deal with complex tasks. If your assignment requires research and analysis, chances are the tool won’t be able to help you. 
  6. The system often does not work due to technical problems. Sometimes the software is not available due to system updates, and sometimes it crashes due to high demand.

Assignment Writing Services Have Multiple Advantages and Some Disadvantages

Although the present and, especially, the future of ChatGPT are unclear, assignment writing services have a stable place in the market. Numerous online testimonials, such as Studyfy reviews, prove that clients appreciate quality work. Let’s discuss the main advantages and a few downsides of assignment services. 


  1. Assignment writing services provide personalized texts. All content requests are written with specific client requirements in mind regarding style, tone of voice, keywords, etc.
  2. Assignment writing services provide plagiarism-free texts. Experts check the originality of the written content and attach a plagiarism report as proof that the information has not been copied from anywhere else.
  3. Privacy of client information is a top priority for companies providing assignment writing help.
  4. Students can get help with their homework, essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and theses.
  5. The assignments are written by certified and knowledgeable experts who have a relevant experience in the field.
  6. Assignment writing experts can take a fresh look at your topic and come up with an approach you never thought of. This will help to fully understand and analyze the topic.


  1. Since the texts are written by people, they need time to analyze the topic and write the assignment. Therefore, you will have to wait at least 6 hours to receive your homework.
  2. You should carefully read the completed assignment to make sure it meets your requirements.
  3. Unlike AI writing tools, the assignment writing service does not have free subscriptions. However, the price is reasonable and good for students’ pockets.

The Reputation of Assignment Writing Services and ChatGPT 

Assignment writing services have a proven track record with thousands of users willing to share their experiences online and provide feedback. The quality of assignment help services has been repeatedly tested and confirmed, the quality of texts written by AI is questionable. For example, the content produced by OpenAI’sChatGPT lacks precision and originality. Another disadvantage of ChatGPT is the character limit. The software cannot create text longer than 4096 characters. Finally, most schools do not allow the use of AI tools for homework. There are cases when students were expelled for writing their work in ChatGPT.


In summary, students should consider their school’s rules when choosing between an assignment writing service and an AI writing tool. Assignment writing services have a good reputation and can be reliable. On the other hand, AI writing tools like ChatGPT do not check facts and have character limits. Therefore, before using any AI writing tool, students should check if it is allowed at their school.

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