Best Minecraft Cottage House Ideas 2022

Best Minecraft Cottage House Ideas 2022
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There are only a few things that Minecraft does not provide for its players. There are practically limitless and distinct worlds to explore, so you can either stick to the standard survival experience or turn on the cheats, switch to creative mode, and start building. With additional blocks and variation on the way, the possibilities will only grow.

On the other hand, building in the game isn’t always easy. A lot of it necessitates thinking outside the box and creatively simulating structures using blocks. Even though everyone has their own personal style, it’s always good to gather ideas from other builders. Here are some fantastic Minecraft house designs to help gamers get creative or survive in their next survival or creative game.

Basic Cottage

Basic Cottage by Zaypixel Minecraft
This cozy cottage is simple to build and, despite its small size, it looks stunning! Simple homes like these have a warm, timeless beauty that will go right in with your Minecraft community. When you combine torches with a firepit, you have a combination that is guaranteed to impress any passer-by. This teeny-tiny home would be ideal for gamers who appreciate simplicity.

Here is a tutorial on how you can build a cozy cottage in Minecraft by Zaypixel.

Spruce Cottage

Spruce Cottage by Executive Tree Minecraft

The time spent building this cozy spruce cottage will be well spent. This spruce cottage exudes a refined, polished vibe. Furthermore, when used in a rainy environment, its genuine beauty shines through. Not only is it calming to look at, but it’s also simple to construct for someone who is new to Minecraft and wants to try something complex yet simple.

Tutorial by Executive Tree on How to Build this Cottage in Minecraft.

Gingerbread cottage

Gingerbread cottage in Minecraft

It’ll be Christmas all year with this cottage in your Minecraft environment! This gingerbread house looks delicious and is easy to create, from the delicious sugar cane chimneys to the peppermint-lined doorway ornamentation. This is a one-of-a-kind home that would make anyone’s mouth water. You can be creative with the measurements and transform your gingerbread house into a gingerbread mansion. This Minecraft home is ideal for people looking for something tasty and unusual to spice up their Minecraft world.

Tutorial on how to build this Cottage:

Coastal Cottage

Coastal cottage by Zaypixel
Build a cottage on the water’s edge and live out your vacation fantasies! This lovely seaside house is a one-of-a-kind, enticing, and appealing design for someone who appreciates peace and beauty. Under the moonlight, this chilly home looks incredible, as seen in the photo. Not only that, but the supplies required are few and easy to come by. This cottage is surely something to add to your Tampere crafting world, with a magnificent outlook and plenty of area for creativity.

Tutorial to build this Coastal Cottage:

Swamp Cottage

Some may find the idea of building a cottage on a swamp strange, but it looks fantastic! In Minecraft, you may create this wonderful swamp villa. Because the structure is modest and uses few materials, it will work well even for Survival Mode players. Using dense vines and plants shooting out at unexpected angles, decorate the swamp cottage. It only adds to the marshy atmosphere. This teeny-tiny refuge is the ideal hideaway and storage space.

Tutorial on how to build this Swamp Cottage:

Mushroom Cottage

Mushroom Cottage in MInecraft

While this cozy and cute Minecraft cottage appears little from the outside, when built-in proportion, it is rather large. This build is truly one-of-a-kind and gorgeous. A mushroom cottage is a fun way to test your creativity while also being easy to handle. This type of structure is ideal for densely forested and lush locations. This mushroom cottage is a must-build if you’re seeking something unique.

Tutorial on how to build this Cottage:

Lavender Cottage

Lavender Cottage in Minecraft

This lovely lavender Minecraft cottage house is both a visually appealing and stunning addition to your environment. You can use other flowers or ferns instead of lavenders. This lovely cottage will appear even nicer if it is built by a little river. The soothing light of lanterns and torches will make the tall ferns and lavenders look even more beautiful at night.

Modern Cottage

Modern Cottage In MInecraft
This modest modern wooden cottage is a nice build if you like wooden cabins or log cabins. This charming cabin in the woods doubles as a haven. The excellent view position is an ideal spot for shooting arrows. This adaptable structure can be modified to the player’s preferences.

Tutorial on how to build this Modern Cottage:

Japanese Cottage

Japanese Cottage in Minecraft

This cute Japanese cottage is adorable! This is one of the more expensive cottages on the list. Fans of Japanese rural architecture will love the multi-wooden roofs and tiny ponds in the front. It will be even more beautiful if it is built near a lake. At night, this cottage is even more beautiful.

Tutorial on how to build this cottage:

Medieval Cottage

Medieval Cottage
Return to a previous, romantic era rich with history by travelling back in time. These cottages would look excellent in almost any setting. While you may construct a single mediaeval cottage, why not construct two and connect them with a bridge to complete the look? This one-of-a-kind design will set you apart in the Minecraft community. Make some stables for your warrior steeds in the back if you’re feeling extra.

Tutorial on how to build this Cottage:

Fantasy Cottage

With an out-of-this-world fantasy charming Minecraft cottage house, you can create your dreamland. This is a stunning fantasy cottage that may be customized to your liking. Experiment with different colors, materials, and locations, though these structures appear best when surrounded by lush, picturesque foliage. This house, which is surrounded by a canopy of trees, will stand out due to its attractive structure. It’s amazing, it’s grand, it appears to be comfortable, and it’s simple to construct.

Tutorial on how to build this Cottage:

Fairytale Cottage

This Minecraft cottage house design is a dream come true, and it’s the ideal build for cottage fans. Minecraft does it again, allowing users to construct and dwell in a house straight out of a storybook. Not only does it have a stunning and graceful appearance, but you can also freely expand this Minecraft villa. To add to that unique fairytale touch, decorate it with ferns and employ scattered lighting at night. This project takes time to do, but the result is well worth it. It is breathtakingly beautiful, set in dense woods where mysterious creatures prowl at night. According to legend, the trees can be heard whispering to one another late at night.

Winter Cottage

Winter Cottage in Minecraft

A lovely cottage with a snowman in front! This winter cottage is as amazing as it appears, and it’s ideal for this time of year. To make your winter home warm and inviting, use candles. An indoor fireplace or an outside campfire would be fantastic! With a cup of coffee in hand, watch the snowfall around your dimly illuminated cottage. Something about this cottage shouts peace and tranquillity.

Tiny Round Cottage

This tiny round Minecraft cottage appears to be extremely sophisticated, but it is pretty simple to construct. Not only does the design stand out, but the colour palette is limitless, allowing you to express yourself. Combine this with some of the other ideas on this list to create the ideal small round cottage for you. Plant some flowers and ferns around it to make it even more adorable!

Pumpkin spice cottage

Pumpkin spice cottage

Nothing says autumn quite like a dash of pumpkin spice! Add a little pumpkin spice to your life with your very own beautiful pumpkin spice cottage! Bright bright orange and yellow color schemes would be ideal for such a structure. This cottage can be utilized for storage or simply because it adds a nice and cozy ambiance and appearance to a Minecraft area. As you rest in your lovely haven, imagine the beautiful sunsets and hear the crunch of the scarlet leaves beneath your feet. If you enjoy pumpkins and pumpkin spice, this charming home is a must-see.

Tutorial on how to build this:

Witch Hat Cottage

Witch Hat Cottage

This is a very lovely Minecraft cottage with a creepy atmosphere that is sure to scare the creepers away. The witch hat is a unique design that is sure to grab some wows and oohs. It is a basic and straightforward build with plenty of storage capacity. Players can base a complete ‘evil neighbourhood’ motif on this, and construct a number of these dark cottages. Creepers had better stay away from this Minecraft cottage or they might wake up cursed!


Gothic Cottage

Gothic Cottage
This gothic Minecraft cottage idea is a house, making it ideal for all you goths out there. Players can choose to decorate it with a creepy exterior to make it feel like Halloween all year or leave it as is with some dim lighting and scarecrows. With this goth cottage, you can show off your constructing skills as well as your gothic personality. Play around with the scale and locations to see what works best for you. This creepy but adorable cottage is a must-have for every Minecraft setting.


Beach Cottage

This beach Minecraft cottage idea will be both peaceful and fun, whether it’s the modest BBQ nook or the campfire and the open cottage itself. It’s a good building challenge without being too difficult. As a result, builders of all skill levels are welcome to try their hand at building their replica of this beach house. Build this lovely beach hut out of wood and logs to keep you safe on your beach adventures. This is ideal for the next time the weather is nice!

Tutorial on how to build this house:

Storage Cottage

Storage Cottage Minecraft

You may require a lovely Minecraft cottage house for the express purpose of storage on occasion. This small yet roomy wooden house is ideal for storing weapons and supplies. In the midst of the scattered mass of trees and foliage, it also appears charmingly comfortable. To achieve a modest yet attractive look, decorate the façade with light flowers and illumination.



Minecraft’s survival mode is the most interesting and popular. However, to survive in Minecraft, you must create a haven where you may be protected from all types of danger and damage. The following Minecraft survival home ideas will assist you in creating one-of-a-kind and outstanding structures that will give you both protection and a pleasing appearance. You will discover various tactics and tricks as a result of executing these concepts, which will aid you in creating more amazing places.

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