Apex Legends hacked with the message “Save Titanfall” showing up

Apex Legends hacked with the message “Save Titanfall” showing up
Written by Vince Abella

Apex Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games of the last few years, but it was the most recent victim of yet another major hack, with players on consoles and PC unable to get into games, instead receiving quite an odd message. The message sent wants players and fans to participate in the “Save Titanfall” campaign, and it has even spread from the PC platform to Xbox and PlayStation as well. Players’ private account information has been reported as not being affected, safe from the hack, though this does not prevent players from being frustrated regarding their inability to get into any matches.

Image from Titanfall 2

The “Save Titanfall” campaign has been created in a direct response to the large amount of hacking problems present within the original title that helped launch the popular franchise, though the original creators of the campaign have stated that they are in no way associated with the hacker. Respawn Entertainment has addressed both the campaign as well as the hack, stating that they are working hard to combat the issues within the title and are currently working on a fix for Apex Legends, respectively. For now, players will have to continue waiting for Respawn to release an update fixing the hack as well as working on Titanfall.
It’s still totally up to Respawn because EA has said that they will have to decide their next projects and have given them more creative control than they had before

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