A New Sly Cooper and Infamous Game might be announced in September at Sony’s Event

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Written by Vince Abella

Recently, a rumor spread that Sly Cooper would finally have another title coming after many long years of waiting. Now, according to the same source, a brand new Infamous title is also on the way. However, there also won’t be too many significant PlayStation events happening largely until later this year. Much like Sly Cooper, Infamous is a title that hasn’t seen a new game in many years, though notably less compared to the former. The last title in the series to come from Sucker Punch, developers of another beloved PS4 title which was Ghost of Tsushima the last Infamous Game was released back in 2014, in the form of Infamous: First Light, meant to be a standalone DLC to go along with Infamous: Second Son as a prequel.

Unfortunately, while the brand new Infamous game is expected to be announced at some point this year, there is no big showcase planned by Sony until later in September. There was a PlayStation Showcase on September 9 of 2021, from which came many big announcements such as the upcoming God of War Ragnarok and Insomniac’s Wolverine title. It is very likely that if the big showcase were to come in September as the insider claims, some popular AAA will be revealed. For now however, Sony seems to not have much going on in terms of events.

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