A New 3D South Park Game is in the works

A New 3D South Park Game is in the works
Written by Ankit Gaba

Apparently, a new South Park Game is in the works; it was revealed by Bloomberg in an article where they talked about South Park Creators signing a 900 Million Dollar deal. In that article, they mentioned a 3D video game that is set in the world of “South Park.”
This game is most likely turn-based, just like the previous South Park Games published by Ubisoft, but this time it’s 3D; it kinda seems weird to imagine a 3D South Park Game, but it can work; however, I doubt if they can go with the same art style as the show this time since the game is 3D.

Image from South Park Fractured but Whole
As long as the writing is on par with the previous South Park Games, it can end up being a great game; we do not know who will be developing this game or publishing it. I think it could be Ubisoft since they have published the previous South Park Games, and they received a great reception from the Players and the Critics.
I do not think that we will see anything related to this game anytime soon, but we at least know that it is in development.
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