5 Fun Card Games You Can Play for Money

If you’re looking for an exciting and potentially profitable way to spend your spare time, playing a round (or more!) of card games is a great option. That’s why we curated five amusing card games that offer real winning opportunities, from wild variations on beloved favorites to enticing alternatives with brand-new twists!


Not only can they be thrilling experiences, but it’s possible that you’ll walk away with more money than when you started. If you’re ready to hit the pot, roll up your sleeves and prepare for some exhilarating action from our favorite casino card games below!

Card Game Classics that Allow You to Win Real Money


Slots are great for those who want to feel the thrill of winning through pure luck (or a bit of manipulation from the machines). However, card games differ because most require skills and strategy to win. Check them out:



Cribbage is an old classic in terms of gambling, and it’s known as Britain’s national card game. It’s so special it can be played in licensed pubs and clubs without needing any permission from local authorities. You can also play Cribbage online for pleasure and competition, especially if you like matching and melding cards.


Since there are widely agreed Cribbage betting rules, you can enjoy this game with your friends in three different and unique ways: “penny per point,” a dollar per game, or skunks wins you double. Cash tournaments are also available.


If you want to become an expert before placing a bet with real money involved, play Cribbage online against an AI. It will help you understand the gameplay to make good decisions once you’re ready to play against real opponents!

Blackjackplay Cribbage online


If you frequent casinos, then you probably have heard of Blackjack. Coming from a global family of casino banking games called Twenty-one, Blackjack is one of the most prevalent variations where bettors place their bets to see whose card (Banker or Player) has a value of 21 or closer. 


If you want to play with your friends, you can follow the basics:


  • The Banker role can be one player throughout the game, or players can take turns.
  • All players and the Banker receive two cards – one face-up and one face-down.
  • The players will determine if they need another card if they think the ones on their hands aren’t good.


You can also play Blackjack on websites or download a mobile app for free. Some are just simulations, which means they don’t require real money to play, which is ideal for beginners who want to avoid risking their funds!



Another favorite in the casino world is Baccarat. It’s the same as Blackjack, where players must bet between the Banker and Player, but with another selection added, which is the Tie. Here, cards from two to nine are equivalent to face value, ace is one, and ten to king cards are zero.


The dealer will give the Player and the Banker two cards each face-up, and the hand totals closest to nine wins. If you bet on the winning hand, you can double your winnings. If you’re playing with friends, you can become the Banker, Player, or one of the bettors.


Baccarat has more rules players must remember, but the basics are all about the card values and betting on them. Like Blackjack, you can practice playing Baccarat online against a computer before placing real money bets with your friends. With enough practice, you can win big money in no time! 



None of the card games out there have gained as much popularity as Poker. It’s no surprise people continue to play this worldwide – joining Poker tournaments and winning thousands or millions of jackpot prizes.


The secret is to be good at bluffing and always to be patient. You never want to give your opponents the chance to read your mind, so the best strategy is to practice a lot. Online poker tournaments are available for those who want to play with real money without going to a casino.


If you’re looking for more fun and competition, join Poker leagues and join communities where you can meet people worldwide! A simple search on the internet will give you an idea of how to be good at it. The best part is plenty of variations allow you to explore Poker in a different light.


Some variations to try:


  • Texas hold ’em
  • Omaha
  • Five-card draw
  • Seven-card stud
  • Caribbean stud poker


Download any of these for free on your mobile device for on-the-go gaming. Or, you can explore browser-based platforms that offer Poker with free plays to hone your skills first if you’re unsure of spending your money.

Teen Patti


An Indian gambling card game that’s also played throughout Southeast Asia is Teen Patti. It was derived from the English game of three-card brag, which has some influences from Poker. Depending on where you’re from, some locations call it Flash or Flush.


One stand-out feature of Teen Patti is that players receive three cards facing up in one round. Afterward, they can fold or raise the ante based on what’s in front of them.


Like most casino card games, bettors begin by placing their wagers. The rank (highest to lowest) is Ace to 2. The goal is to get the top three card hands and increase the pot value before the game ends. There are numerous rankings available:


  • Trail or set: Three cards with identical numbers


  • Straight flush: Three consecutive numbers from the same suit


  • Straight: Three successive numbers from different units


  • Flush: Cards in the same suit but are not in sequence. You must compare the cards when you get two colors – from the highest > second highest > lowest.


  • Pairs: Between two pairs, the highest valued pair is the winner.


  • High card: The second-highest card will determine the winner if two players have the same high card.

Bet Money and Get a Chance to Win Your Wagers


If you like taking risks, it’s best to be strategic. You don’t want to play unquestioningly and always rely on luck. The games above will teach you how to gamble correctly, but practicing your skills first is highly recommended to give yourself a winning chance at all times!

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