4 Exciting NFT Projects to Watch in March 2022

Written by Ankit Gaba

The future of the blockchain is looking bright, with many exciting projects set to launch in the coming years. Here are 5 exciting NFT projects to watch in March 2022:


Shinsekai is a unique project, that has a whole new concept. They’re building a Mangaverse with seven universes in itthat will generate a lot of benefits to the holders. These universes include Humans, Vampires, Abyss, and more. We’re excited to launch this project, and we believe that it will be a huge success. The team seems dedicated to creating a Mangaverse that the holders will love, and we believe that Shinsekai is a good project to look into.


Embers are a collection of 5,555 burning hot NFTs living in the core of the blockchain. Each individual Ember is carefully curated from over 150 traits. The Embers team is very passionate about the project and is always working hard to improve it. They are always open to feedback and are constantly interacting with their community. They are also very active on social media, which makes it easy to stay uptodate on the latest news and developments. Overall, the Embers team is very professional and seems to be doing a great job

OneLife Rally NFT

OneLife Rally NFT is a 5555 NFTs Collection made by OneLife Rally. Each NFT is unique and rendered in 3D Artwork. OneLife Rally is a unique event. Every year this carefully designed adventure is taking car lovers from around the world through seven different countries. Organization, service, and innovation of the highest quality, reliability, and an international orientation have made OneLife Rally one of the leading rallies in the region.

Ad Runner NFT

AdRunner is building a decentralized advertising platform that allows users to buy and sell advertising space. AdRunner NFTs are your gateway to the first and largest Metaverse advertising platform. AdRunner NFTs can be used to purchase advertising space on the AdRunner platform. AdRunner is built on the blockchain and uses the latest in security and cryptography to ensure that your data is safe and secure. AdRunner is the perfect platform for businesses and individuals who want to advertise their products or services. AdRunner is also the perfect platform for users who want to earn money by selling advertising space. AdRunner is the perfect platform for users who want to use the latest in blockchain technology to make money.

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