7 Best Zombie Games for iPhone Owners to Try in 2022

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Zombie games have become one of the most liked genres on iOS devices. Many popular games like PUBG Mobile have now started Zombie Survivor mode. During the zombie apocalypse, only pro-level gamers are likely to survive. There are numerous features that contribute to the popularity of zombie games. 


The article enlists the best zombie games for iPhone that you can easily download and enjoy in your free time. Let’s first understand what the things you need to consider for downloading these games on your phone are. 


Tips to Make Your iPhone Gaming-Ready


To enjoy the best video games on your phone or tablet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before initiating downloads. 


  • Free Up Storage 


Spot all the apps that you do not require on your phone. Start to delete them one by one to make more storage space on your iPhone’s hard drive. 


  • Optimize RAM


All the programs downloaded and running on the iPhone consume a good share of memory. Make sure to deactivate several apps that you do not need to save RAM. 


  • Update iOS 


When you are looking to download gaming apps on your iPhone, spend some time updating the OS. Once the process completes, the next step is to update apps on iPhone and iPad devices. 


  • Delete Apps


If you have too many open apps running in the background, disable them to save your phone resources. Delete any apps that are no longer required. 


  • Restart iPhone


If you feel that your phone is not performing as desired, restart it to fix any minor technical issues. Restarting the iPhone solves many problems that are interrupting the user experience. 


Let’s now discuss some popular gaming apps to download on iOS devices. 


Best Zombie Games for iOS 

Before you start downloading any of the zombie games mentioned in this list, ensure you have the required storage space available on your phone. Go through the minimum requirements section to understand if the game is compatible with your iPhone version. 




Take a stroll on the streets as a soldier with a full-fledged arsenal and play havoc on the undead. The undead may feel pain, or they may not feel anything at all. But they will definitely feel fragmented on the streets, and that’s the fun of Unkilled. Despite its horrible name, this zombie slaughter is worth playing on the iPhone. 


Zombie Survival: Wasteland


Have you ever thought of the post-destruction zombie epidemic? It’s scary to see a terrible zombie infection breaking out on the streets and spreading across the globe. The humans are turning into zombies due to the dreadful infection. Now start rebuilding your world from the ashes and resurrect eventually by creating weapons and making clothes. 


Into the Dead 2


Leave behind the zombies strolling around in all directions as you make your way to the safe place. With limited firearms, don’t try to escape the streets bombarding and shooting unhead and save as many arms as possible to face the next horrific challenge. Even though you’ll die several times, you’ll get up and keep fighting, so get set and go to face the challenge. 


Stupid Zombies 3


Use your geometrical skills to save your day from the zombies. Shoot them to slay them in the air and set off explosions of complete destruction. You will get a flare cannon, an RPG launcher, a baseball bomber, and a shotgun for severe damage. Your performance while Playing Stupid Zombies will be saved to the cloud. 


Dead Venture


When you want to squish and destroy everything that comes your way to stay alive, Dead Venture can be one of the best zombie games for iPhone and iPad devices. There are few survivors, and you can see the zombies everywhere. It’s a challenging game that you would definitely want to play on your phone or tablet. 


Walking Dead


Are you fond of American movies or TV serials? If yes, Walking Dead is for you. It’s an adventurous action game where you need to showcase your skills to record a win. You can control the characters and decide their activities; keep in mind that you will be responsible if the brain hungry zombies consume them all. Good decision-making skills will get you points. 


Last Day on Earth: Survival

Experience the post-apocalypse zombie survival with the only aim to stay alive as long as possible. Trust yourself no matter what, as the world lacks love and friendship. You are on your own, so don’t forget to keep track of your life stats. Keep an eye on the hunger and thirst and collect resources to build weapons as well as modes of transportation. 


The Conclusion


Playing video games is fun and entertaining. Download any of the zombie games mentioned here in this article and enjoy them in your free time. However, don’t forget to take regular breaks to prevent your eyes from constant straining.

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