10 Addicting Games Like Candy Crush Everyone Should Know

10 Addicting Games Like Candy Crush Everyone Should Know
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Enhance your reflexes, engage your mind, and make the most of your free time with these top-notch games similar to Candy Crush Saga. These fantastic alternatives to Candy Crush will keep you entertained during those dull moments, whether you’re commuting, waiting in line, or attending an unwanted dinner party – simply grab your phone and immerse yourself in the best Android and iOS games that can fully captivate your attention. Although Candy Crush remains one of the most prominent mobile games worldwide, there is no shortage of incredible games like Candy Crush awaiting you to explore and experience today.

Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle is an exhilarating and competitive mobile game that combines the excitement of match-three puzzles with captivating animal-themed gameplay. As a fantastic alternative to the popular Candy Crush Saga, this game offers players a unique experience through its clever combination of strategy, lively characters, and challenging puzzles. Available for both Android and iOS devices, Zookeeper Battle caters to a broad audience, making it an ideal game for casual players and avid puzzle enthusiasts alike.

The objective of Zookeeper Battle is to strategically match sets of three or more animal tiles on the screen while facing off against opponents in real-time, turn-based battles. As you advance through the levels, the game becomes progressively more challenging, requiring players to adapt their strategy and enhance their puzzle-solving skills. Along with its appealing visuals and entertaining gameplay, the game also boasts a large and active community, allowing players to engage in friendly battles or compete against fierce adversaries from around the world. Furthermore, players can expect regular updates and in-game events, ensuring continuous excitement and an ever-evolving gaming experience.

Features and Game Mechanics

Zookeeper Battle offers a plethora of distinctive features that set it apart from other match-three games, making it a must-try for fans of the genre. One of the most notable aspects of the game is its real-time multiplayer mode, where players must quickly strategize and defeat their opponents in fast-paced puzzle duels. Additionally, the game provides a vast assortment of adorable animal characters to collect and train, enabling players to form unique teams based on animal types and individual strengths.

The game also employs an engaging leveling system, allowing players to gradually improve their capabilities and unlock powerful abilities as they climb the ranks. Moreover, seasonal events and limited-time challenges offer rewarding prizes, enabling players to acquire rare items and exclusive animal characters. The game’s user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible to players of various skill levels, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Zookeeper Battle is not only about matching animal tiles – players must also master the strategic aspect of the game by effectively managing their in-game currency, choosing the right upgrades for their animal squad, and consistently adapting their tactics to outsmart their opponents. The game also encourages social interactions through its friend system and chat features, providing players with the opportunity to exchange tips, collaborate, and forge lasting friendships within the Zookeeper Battle community.

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Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is an action-packed, fast-paced puzzle game that stands out in the ever-popular match-three genre of games. As a fantastic option for those who enjoy other games like Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled Blitz offers players a thrilling and unique gaming experience through its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and high-speed matching challenge. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Bejeweled Blitz caters to a wide range of players, making it a perfect choice for casual gamers and dedicated puzzle enthusiasts.

The primary objective in Bejeweled Blitz is to match three or more colorful gems in a race against a 60-second clock. As players progress through levels, they can create special gems and boosters to enhance their gameplay and achieve higher scores. The game also offers opportunities to compete against friends, with high-score leaderboards and weekly tournaments driving a friendly spirit of competitiveness. With frequent updates and in-game events, Bejeweled Blitz ensures that its players remain entertained, challenged, and rewarded with a continuously evolving gaming experience.

Features and Game Mechanics

Bejeweled Blitz stands out among other match-three games due to its distinctive blend of features and game mechanics, making it a must-play for fans of the genre. One notable aspect of the game is its time-based gameplay, where players must swiftly strategize and match gems within just 60 seconds, resulting in exhilarating and addictive matches. The game offers various power-ups, such as the “Flame Gem,” “Star Gem,” and “Hypercube,” which can be used to trigger stunning gem explosions, boost scores, and create spectacular chain reactions.

The game also incorporates a rewarding leveling system, providing players with the opportunity to unlock and upgrade special abilities and power-ups as they progress. These features keep the gameplay fresh and dynamic, adding an exciting element of strategy. Additionally, Bejeweled Blitz engages players with daily challenges, limited-time events, and themed contests, offering a chance to earn rare rewards and exclusive prizes. The game’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-learn controls make it appealing and accessible to players from varying skill levels.

Bejeweled Blitz encourages social engagement through its robust connectivity with social media platforms like Facebook, making it simple for players to invite friends, share scores, and send and receive in-game gifts. This level of interaction fosters a sense of community and friendly rivalry, which enhances and adds depth to the overall gaming experience.

Two Dots

Discover the world of Two Dots, a captivating and innovative puzzle game that blends the excitement of match-four gameplay with beautifully minimalist visuals. Unlike traditional match-three games, Two Dots presents players with a refreshing twist in puzzle-solving challenges that is perfect for those seeking a unique and engaging gaming experience. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Two Dots has earned a substantial following, making it an attractive choice for casual gamers and puzzle aficionados alike.

In Two Dots, players are given a grid filled with colorful dots and tasked with connecting at least two of the same color to clear them from the board. As players progress, they are rewarded for creating squares of multiple dots, which subsequently clears all corresponding-colored dots that appear across the entire board. The game continually increases in difficulty with the introduction of new objectives and hurdles to overcome, yet the core gameplay mechanics remain consistent, ensuring a consistently enchanting experience for all players.

A notable aspect of Two Dots is its unobtrusive freemium model, which allows players to enjoy the game without any unwarranted interruptions or paywalls. Immerse yourself in endless dot-matching fun and witness your skill in solving puzzles evolve through each challenging level of Two Dots.

Features and Game Mechanics

One of the key factors that set Two Dots apart from other games in the genre is its innovative match-four gameplay, offering an exciting variant of traditional match-three puzzles. This unique approach to puzzle-solving, combined with the game’s minimalist design and serene soundtrack, creates an immersive gaming experience that keeps players hooked for hours.

Two Dots features more than a thousand engaging levels and regularly updates with new content, ensuring that players are always presented with new challenges and puzzles to solve. As players advance through the game, they are introduced to various power-ups, boosters, and special dots that enhance their gameplay and unlock new strategic possibilities. Despite its seeming simplicity, Two Dots requires players to develop and adapt their problem-solving strategies as the game evolves, creating a rewarding and ever-changing gaming experience.

Additionally, Two Dots includes various themed events and limited-time challenges, which offer players the opportunity to receive rare rewards and test their skills against unique puzzle scenarios. The game also promotes social play by seamlessly integrating features such as leaderboards, achievements, and the ability to share progress with friends.

Two Dots provides an accessible and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels who may be seeking a fresh and innovative alternative to traditional match-three puzzles. Indulge in the endless dot-connecting adventure, and watch your puzzle-solving expertise soar as you progress through each captivating level of Two Dots.

Futurama: Game of Drones

Embark on a whimsical journey through space and time with Futurama: Game of Drones, a delightful match-three puzzle game that offers fans of the iconic television series a chance to dive into their favorite animated universe. As a refreshing alternative to traditional Candy Crush-style games, Futurama: Game of Drones fuses the familiarity of match-three gameplay with the distinctive humor and charm of the beloved TV show. Available on both Android and iOS devices, this game is an excellent choice for casual gamers and Futurama enthusiasts alike.

Futurama: Game of Drones transports players to an intergalactic adventure, featuring familiar characters, environments, and scenarios plucked straight from the vibrant world of the television series. The game perfectly captures the irreverent humor and quirky style of Futurama while maintaining the straightforward yet challenging dynamics of match-three puzzle-solving. By incorporating small twists and surprises into the traditional gameplay mechanics, Futurama: Game of Drones elevates the puzzle experience and keeps players engaged and entertained.

Features and Game Mechanics

What sets Futurama: Game of Drones apart from other match-three games is its clever fusion of gameplay elements with the iconic charm and wit of the Futurama television series. Players can look forward to encountering their favorite characters, such as Fry, Leela, Bender, and Zoidberg, as they progress through levels filled with fascinating landscapes and amusing scenarios.

The game mechanics are familiar to fans of the match-three genre, with a few refreshing twists to keep players engaged. In addition to matching three or more drones of the same color, players must also strategically overcome various obstacles and challenges, such as combating villains and solving environmental puzzles. These added layers of complexity bring depth and strategy to the gameplay, providing a unique and entertaining experience for players.

Futurama: Game of Drones also features various power-ups, boosters, and character-specific abilities that can be unlocked as players advance through the game, adding an exciting element of customization to the puzzle-solving experience. With hundreds of levels and regular updates, gamers can look forward to a seemingly endless array of challenges and fun.

The game also encourages social interactions by allowing players to connect with friends and share progress, achievements, and high scores. This social feature enhances the overall gaming experience and fosters a sense of community among Futurama fans and match-three gamers alike.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile


Dive into the enchanting world of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, a captivating puzzle game that combines the excitement of match-three gameplay with the beloved universe of Pokémon. This innovative adaptation delivers a unique gaming experience that serves as a perfect compromise for Pokémon enthusiasts yearning for an official RPG on their smartphones. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile caters to a wide audience, making it a superb choice for fans of match-three games and the Pokémon franchise alike.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile seamlessly integrates the classic elements of Pokémon battles within the match-three gameplay strategy. Players match three or more identical Pokémon icons to unleash attacks on the opposing creature, gradually capturing their opponents and expanding their Pokémon collection. As players progress, they unlock more powerful Pokémon that can be employed in future battles, replicating the familiar feel of a traditional Pokémon RPG while delivering a fresh take on the match-three genre.

Features and Game Mechanics

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile distinguishes itself from typical match-three games with its engaging blend of features and game mechanics inspired by the Pokémon universe. By infusing the gameplay with battle elements, it offers a refreshing twist to the classic match-three format, catering to fans of both genres.

The game features hundreds of Pokémon to capture and train, allowing players to build unique and strategic teams tailored to their personal playstyle. As players advance through the game, they encounter challenging opponents and stages, encouraging them to adapt their strategy and improve their puzzle-solving skills. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile also incorporates power-ups, abilities, and bonuses that can be unlocked and utilized in battle, further enriching the gameplay experience.

In addition to the main campaign, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile offers daily and special events, rewarding players with rare creatures, items, and other in-game incentives. These limited-time challenges add an extra layer of excitement and strategic depth to an already immersive gaming experience.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile encourages players to compete against their friends, providing leaderboard functionality for showcasing high scores and achievements. This social aspect fosters a sense of community among Pokémon enthusiasts and match-three gamers, enhancing the overall game experience.

Puzzle and Dragons

Venture into the enthralling world of Puzzle and Dragons, an innovative game that masterfully merges match-three puzzle gaming with RPG elements, creating an immersive experience for fans of both genres. In this exciting adventure, players not only indulge in match-three challenges, but also collect and train a diverse array of the titular dragons. Puzzle and Dragons is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it an exceptional choice for gamers seeking a fresh variation of their favorite puzzle games.

In Puzzle and Dragons, players navigate through perilous journeys while building powerful teams of color-coded monsters. As players progress, they can enhance and evolve their creatures, unlocking new abilities and strategies. With over 700 dragons available and the potential for fusion allowing for thousands of mesmerizing combinations, the game provides a captivating balance of puzzle-solving and creature collection that keeps players coming back for more.

Features and Game Mechanics

Puzzle and Dragons sets itself apart from other match-three games with its unique blend of features and game mechanics, offering players an unrivaled fusion of puzzle gaming and RPG elements. As players match three or more orbs of the same color, they unleash powerful attacks and abilities to overcome adversaries in turn-based battles, pursuing an engaging storyline full of challenges and discovery.

One of the most captivating aspects of Puzzle and Dragons is the extensive roster of dragons and creatures to collect and cultivate. Players can strategically breed, fuse, and evolve their monsters, unlocking new abilities and creating versatile teams tailored to their preferred playstyle. The game offers a multitude of stages, dungeons, and events that provide an ever-changing landscape of challenges and adventures for players to explore.

In addition to its intriguing gameplay, Puzzle and Dragons features a comprehensive system of achievements, leaderboards, and rewards, encouraging players to compete with others and strive for success. These social components foster a sense of community among fans, adding a layer of depth and connection to the overall gaming experience.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Threes!, a unique and innovative game that offers a refreshing take on the match-three genre. While many puzzle games focus on candies, animals, or jewels, Threes! centers around matching numbers, providing a mental challenge that is just as entertaining and engaging as Candy Crush. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Threes! appeals to a wide range of players, making it a perfect choice for casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

In Threes!, players slide numbered cards around a board, strategically combining them to generate new numbers. The game starts with simple matches, such as combining a two and a one to create a three, and continues to challenge players with progressively more complex matches. Despite the appearance of mathematical complexity, Threes! focuses more on tactics and decision-making rather than advanced arithmetic, ensuring an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience for all.

Features and Game Mechanics

What sets Threes! apart from other match-three games is its distinctive gameplay mechanics and intriguing number-based concept. Players must strategically slide and combine numbered cards on the board, creating matches that result in progressively higher numbers. The challenge lies in managing the cards on a limited grid, which becomes increasingly crowded with a diverse array of numbers, making matches more difficult to achieve.

Threes! offers a plethora of levels and challenges that keep players engaged and entertained as they progress through the game. The game’s minimalist aesthetic and soothing soundtrack contribute to an immersive and relaxing experience, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a soothing alternative to more intense match-three games.

In addition to its core gameplay, Threes! also features an addictive scoring system that encourages players to improve their skills and strategies as they aim for higher scores. The game’s leaderboard functionality fosters friendly competition among friends and fellow players, enhancing and deepening the overall gaming experience.

Threes! provides a stimulating and enjoyable experience for fans of match-three puzzles who appreciate a fresh and innovative approach to the genre. Delve into the mesmerizing world of Threes! and embark on a strategic, number-matching adventure full of engaging challenges and endless entertainment.

Triple Town

Discover the charming world of Triple Town, a delightful and innovative match-three puzzle game that offers players an engaging and visually appealing experience. With lovable blocky bears and captivating gameplay, Triple Town presents a fresh twist on the typical match-three genre. Available on both Android and iOS devices, this game caters to a wide range of players, making it an enticing option for casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

In Triple Town, players embark on a quest to build the grandest and most prosperous town they can, all while battling adorable yet mischievous bears that hinder their progress. The game involves matching tiles, strategically combining them and leveling up elements to expand and upgrade the town. For example, three patches of grass turn into a bush, three bushes form a tree, three trees create a house, and so on. Players must outsmart the bears and employ clever tactics to develop a thriving kingdom.

 Features and Game Mechanics

What sets Triple Town apart from other match-three games is its unique blend of engaging gameplay elements, coupled with the adorable aesthetics that encompass both the landscape and its inhabitants. Players match and level up elements by strategically arranging and combining them on the game board, creating a continually evolving challenge that keeps players coming back for more.

Triple Town offers an expansive world to explore, presenting players with numerous levels, challenges, and opportunities for constructing their ideal kingdom. The game mechanics involve building structures, managing resources, and overcoming obstacles, all while dealing with the ever-present threat of the adorable yet troublesome bears.

In addition to its core gameplay, Triple Town provides a premium Peaceful mode for $3.99/£3.99. This option allows players to focus solely on matching and building without the interference of the game’s bear opponents. The one-time purchase unlocks this game mode, offering a more leisurely, relaxing experience for those who prefer to focus on the town-building aspect.

Triple Town also features a rewarding achievement system and leaderboards, encouraging players to refine their skills, compete with others, and strive for success. The social aspect and sense of accomplishment contribute to the game’s overall enjoyment, creating a lasting appeal for fans of this innovative match-three title.

Puzzle Quest 2

Embark on an epic adventure with Puzzle Quest 2, a premium match-three puzzle game that expertly combines elements of fantasy combat with the traditional match-three formula. As a rare paid offering in the puzzle genre, Puzzle Quest 2 justifies its price with its expansive single-player campaign and unique features reminiscent of RPG hybrids. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this game presents an exceptional experience for casual gamers, puzzle enthusiasts, and fans of role-playing games alike.

Puzzle Quest 2 transports players into a rich, immersive world where they must traverse dungeons, collect experience points, acquire new skills, and combat a variety of formidable creatures. The game adds a novel layer of RPG-inspired mechanics to the familiar match-three gameplay, creating a thrilling and captivating experience for players who are seeking something more than a standard puzzle-solving challenge.

Features and Game Mechanics

Puzzle Quest 2 stands out among match-three games with its clever fusion of engaging gameplay elements and the thrilling dynamics of a role-playing game. Players explore a vast world, delving into dungeons and battling against powerful enemies, all while solving match-three puzzles to attack and defend in combat scenarios.

Another distinctive aspect of Puzzle Quest 2 is its robust character progression system. Players can customize their characters by gathering experience points, learning valuable skills, and unlocking unique abilities, which adds an extra dimension of depth and strategy to the gameplay. This combination of RPG elements and match-three mechanics provides an immersive and interactive experience that is well worth the premium price.

Puzzle Quest 2 boasts a sizable single-player campaign that offers countless hours of entertainment, satisfying players who appreciate in-depth, story-driven experiences. In this extensive adventure, players uncover the secrets of the game’s world, wrestle with various challenges, and encounter a wide array of intriguing creatures, making Puzzle Quest 2 an unforgettable journey that continually engages players of all skill levels.

Match Land

Venture into the captivating world of Match Land, an ingenious match-three puzzle game with a vivid, RPG-inspired twist. In this innovative and enchanting title, players progress through an immersive storyline and engage in tactical combat against a diverse array of creatures. With its unique squad-based gameplay and charming visuals, Match Land offers a distinctive and delightful experience for fans of puzzle games and role-playing adventures. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Match Land appeals to a broad audience and presents an enriching choice for casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

In Match Land, players build and customize a powerful squad with an assortment of characters, such as a healer, swordsman, and mage, among others. By strategically matching attack icons specific to each squad member, players can dish out damage to their opponents and defeat the various challenges and foes they encounter. As players progress, they unlock new characters and combinations, formulating the ultimate team to conquer any battle.

Features and Game Mechanics

What sets Match Land apart from traditional match-three games is its seamless fusion of RPG elements and strategic gameplay, offering players a fresh and engaging approach to the puzzle genre. In addition to matching three or more icons, players can chain multiple attacks together by aligning their icons within a limited timeframe. This layered strategy adds depth and excitement to the game, making it a standout offering among match-three titles.

Match Land features a vast world to explore, with varied stages, foes, and adventures to uncover. Players can level up and unlock new abilities for their squad members, enhancing their gaming experience and providing a wealth of customization options. As the story unfolds, players must employ tactics and strategy to overcome increasingly challenging obstacles and enemies.

In addition to its intriguing gameplay mechanics and immersive narrative, Match Land incorporates a vibrant art style and charming character designs, adding a touch of whimsy to this action-packed, strategic puzzle game. The combination of match-three gameplay with RPG elements creates an appealing and rewarding experience that keeps players hooked and invested.


While Candy Crush Saga continues to dominate the mobile gaming space, there is no shortage of exceptional alternatives that offer a unique and engaging experience for puzzle enthusiasts. From Zookeeper Battle and Bejeweled Blitz to Pokémon Shuffle Mobile and Match Land, the variety of games presented in this article ensures that players can find the perfect match for their interests and cravings.

Each of these games brings its own distinctive blend of features, game mechanics, and aesthetics, promising hours of entertainment while simultaneously challenging and honing one’s puzzle-solving skills. Whether you prefer the competitive thrill of Zookeeper Battle, the speed and excitement of Bejeweled Blitz, or the innovative twists of Puzzle Quest 2, these delightful alternatives to Candy Crush are sure to please wide-ranging audiences.

So, why not try out these fantastic games and embark on a new puzzle-solving adventure? With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and addictive challenges, these top-notch games like Candy Crush will captivate your attention and transform the way you spend your free time.


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