The Unknown Future of PlayStation

The Future of PlayStation 

Following a conference talk with the CEO of Sony PlayStation, Kenichiro Yoshida, the future of the much-loved gaming console brand is somewhat unknown. There were talks of an expansion to PC gaming, mobile gaming, and even cloud gaming. Will subscription only services be offered to gamers?

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Mobile Gaming With Playstation

The world of mobile gaming is impressive and, in recent years, has grown significantly as many companies now offer portable versions of popular games, ranging from MMORPG’s through to online casino games and racing simulators.

To entice players to engage with these titles, many of these games come with added extras and bonuses. This may include new content, such as added levels or DLCs. You may be able to drive additional cars when playing the latest racing games such as Need for Speed. Or, you could find welcome offers when playing casino games, such as the no-deposit Wow Vegas sign up bonus. These types of bonuses work to both attract new players and maintain the interests of older audiences who are already familiar with existing content.

In terms of PlayStation, the PlayStation will remain the brand’s main console but gamers will be able to take their favorite games with them via mobile and PC. In the interview, Kenichiro made it clear that the goal for Sony’s growth in the industry is to allow their clients to access their games from any device that has computing power. 

Will PlayStation Offer Subscription Only Services?

Many were eager to hear what Sony’s take on subscription services would be. The head honcho confirmed that no new subscription services will be launched as of yet and that they will stick with the hybrid service they have which includes a subscription service called PlayStation Plus alongside pay-per-content. 

However, with the rise in gaming streaming services being provided, which is being pushed by companies such as Netflix and Amazon, it remains to be seen how long this will be the case for PlayStation. Will they stand their ground or will they succumb to the latest gaming and technology trends? Only time will tell.

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Unanswered Questions 

The future of Sony’s PlayStation is somewhat clearer than it was before, and yet there are still some unanswered questions lurking around. Will gamers be able to play their favorite console games on their phone? What will the gameplay be like, and are everyday mobile phones able to process such large games? What kind of internet connection would one need in order to access their games from anywhere?

One thing is for sure: the PlayStation console isn’t going anywhere and will still have all the attention of the brand. They will continue to design and keep up with the latest trends when putting out consoles but will also be involved in a side quest or two while thinking of the future of gaming. We can’t wait to see what Sony PlayStation has in store for us. The unknown looks pretty exciting to the gaming world. 

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