How Capcom Can Revive the Dino Crisis Franchise with a Reboot

How Capcom Can Revive the Dino Crisis Franchise with a Reboot
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The gaming community has witnessed the triumphant return of several classic franchises in recent years, including Capcom’s exemplary remakes of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4. With the company’s keen ability to breathe new life into older series, there’s no better time for Capcom to revive the Dino Crisis franchise. In this article, we’ll explore why Capcom should revitalize the series, how it should draw inspiration from modern games, and what features it should include in a new installment.

There has not been much news about a New Dino Crisis Game, but Capcom has asked people what games they want to see remade next recently:

Shinji Mikami has also teased a Dino Crisis Remake in the past.

There is still a significant demand for a new Dino Crisis Game fans have made concept trailers that have looked amazing. You can view one of them below:

Why Capcom Should Revive the Dino Crisis Franchise


  1. Nostalgia and Established Fan Base:
    The original Dino Crisis games were well-received and still hold a special place in the hearts of many fans. By reviving the series, Capcom can capitalize on this nostalgia while introducing the franchise to a new generation of gamers.
  2. The Demand for Survival Horror Experiences:
    There has been a resurgence in demand for survival horror games in recent years, with various new titles like Dead Space, Outlast, and The Evil Within capturing the genre’s essence. The Dino Crisis franchise is well-suited for a modern reboot in the current gaming climate, with the potential to stand alongside these popular titles.
  3. The Appeal of Dinosaurs:
    Dinosaurs have always captured the imagination of gamers and moviegoers alike. Over the years, multiple movies, TV shows, and games have explored the fascination with these prehistoric creatures. With the proper execution, a Dino Crisis revival can reignite the public’s interest in dinosaurs.

Which Modern Games Should the Dino Crisis Revival Draw Inspiration From?


  1. Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020):
    These successful remakes can teach Capcom how to revitalize classic games while keeping the spirit of their predecessors. Both remakes have successfully updated the graphics, controls, and game mechanics to match modern gaming standards while remaining faithful to the original stories and atmospheres. The formula proven by these remakes can set a solid foundation for reviving Dino Crisis.
  2. Alien: Isolation:
    This game has masterfully combined survival horror, stealth, and resource management to create a tense and gripping experience. Its focus on intelligent enemy AI and an atmosphere of constant dread could be an exciting influence on developing a new Dino Crisis game.
  3. Tomb Raider:
    The modern Tomb Raider games have brought a brutally realistic approach to action-adventure games, emphasizing storytelling, exploration, and survival elements. The new Dino Crisis could borrow elements from these games, such as environmental puzzles and survival challenges, to enrich its gameplay.
  4. The Last of Us Part II:
    Naughty Dog’s narrative-driven action-adventure game showcases an intricately detailed and even emotional approach to storytelling and character development. Drawing inspiration from this storytelling depth, Dino Crisis can elevate its narrative and create a truly captivating player experience.

What Features Should the Revived Dino Crisis Incorporate? Here is our Wish List for a Modern Day Dino Crisis

Another Concept Image from Dino Crisis




  1. Modern Graphics and Engine:
    Capcom should utilize its RE Engine to create a visually stunning Dino Crisis revitalization, as demonstrated in the Resident Evil remakes. With modern graphics, improved animations, and attention to detail, the new game can captivate players and heighten immersion.
  2. Adapted and Improved Game Mechanics:
    On top of refining the original mechanics, Capcom should introduce new gameplay elements that reflect the modernization of the franchise. Features like crafting, weapon customization, and upgradable skills can provide a fresh experience for all players.
  3. Expanded Dino Crisis Universe:
    To ensure a modernized reboot retains the franchise’s identity, the universe should be expanded while incorporating the original cast and storyline. Developers should explore new storylines and character arcs and delve deeper into the motivations and backstories of the characters.
  4. Open-World Exploration:
    Incorporating open-world exploration, like Tomb Raider, could provide players with a rich discovery environment filled with hidden locations, resources, and lore. This feature would allow players to immerse themselves in the world and face various challenges at their own pace.
  5. Dynamic AI and Adaptive Gameplay:
    Inspired by Alien: Isolation, Dino Crisis could benefit from dynamic AI-driven enemies that adapt to different player behaviors. This would result in unpredictable gameplay and increase tension and excitement.
  6. Online Multiplayer Elements:
    Creating multiplayer modes, like cooperative missions, challenges, or PvP mode, can significantly enhance the game’s replayability and expand its audience.
  7. Robust Character Progression:
    A skill-based progression system can help players tailor their gameplay to their preferred playstyle. This addition can encourage replayability and promote experimentation with different tactics and strategies.
  8. A Balance of Action and Horror:
    Modernizing the franchise, Capcom should balance action-packed combat and tense survival horror. Players should be able to feel powerful while still experiencing the threat posed by the dinosaurs lurking in the shadows.
  9. Environmental Storytelling and World Building:
    Dino Crisis should incorporate environmental storytelling to enhance the game’s atmosphere and invest players more deeply in the franchise’s lore. Subtle visual clues, desolate locations, and cryptic messages can all contribute to building the game’s world.
  10. Regular Updates and Post-launch Support:
    Regular updates, events, and content should be woven into the game to keep players engaged. New missions, locations, and species of dinosaurs can ensure a consistent player base and extend the game’s longevity.


Image from Dino Crisis Remake Concept
  1. Enhanced Audio Design and Immersive Soundtrack:
    Another essential aspect is the audio design and soundtrack that can create an immersive atmosphere for the new Dino Crisis game. High-quality sound effects for the dinosaurs, weapons, and environment can strengthen the game’s realism. At the same time, a compelling soundtrack ramps up the tension and plunges players deep into the world of Dino Crisis.
  2. Accessibility and Inclusive Gaming Options:
    Taking inspiration from games like The Last of Us Part II, Capcom should include accessibility options to ensure players of all abilities can enjoy the game. Customizable control schemes, difficulty settings, and visual/audio assistance options can enhance the gameplay experience for a diverse group of players.
  3. In-game Challenges and Achievements:
    Incorporating in-game challenges and achievements can encourage replayability and extended engagement and provide players with additional objectives and rewards for completing various tasks. This feature can range from simple milestones to more complex accomplishments, giving players a sense of progression and satisfaction.
  4. Thought-Provoking Environmental Puzzles:
    Combining exploration with environmental puzzles inspired by games like Tomb Raider can encourage players to think strategically and utilize their surroundings creatively. These puzzles can vary in difficulty, adding new layers of depth and challenge to the game.
  5. Strong Narrative Focus and Emotional Storytelling:
    Forging emotional connections with players is essential to immerse them in the game world. By implementing a strong narrative focus, the rebooted Dino Crisis could tell a compelling story that engages players emotionally with the characters and the game world. Intricate plotlines, moral dilemmas, and character development can ensure a memorable gaming experience.
  6. Modding Support and Community Involvement:
    Capcom could foster a thriving modding community around the new Dino Crisis game by offering official modding support. Encouraging mod creators to experiment with new game assets, textures, and gameplay mechanics can enrich the overall experience for players and spark interesting discussions within the fanbase.
  7. In-game Collectibles and Lore:
    By integrating collectibles such as documents, audio logs, and hidden items into the game world, Capcom can build on the franchise’s lore and offer additional incentives for players to explore the environments. These collectibles can provide an engaging way of delivering the game’s backstory and enriching world-building.
  8. Varying Dinosaur Behavior and Ecological Interactions:
    Introducing a diverse roster of dinosaurs with distinct behavior, abilities, and ecological interactions can add replayability and depth to the game. Players can benefit from understanding each dinosaur’s unique characteristics and strategize accordingly while tackling different situations.
  9. Advanced Combat Mechanics and Weapon Customization:
    A reboot should include advanced combat mechanics that give players agency in approaching combat situations. In addition to diverse weaponry, Capcom should offer deep weapon customization options, allowing players to tailor their armaments to suit their playstyle and strategy.
  10. Cinematic Cutscenes and Compelling Visual Storytelling:
    Capturing players’ attention with gripping, well-directed cutscenes can strengthen the game’s narrative and emotional impact. Utilizing cinematic techniques and compelling visual storytelling, Capcom can create memorable moments to keep players fully immersed in the game’s plot.

By incorporating these suggestions and balancing innovation and reverence for the original games’ essence, Capcom can successfully revive the Dino Crisis franchise, catering to longtime fans and newcomers alike. With a strong focus on storytelling, gameplay mechanics, atmosphere, and an engaged community, the new Dino Crisis could be the next big hit in the gaming world.

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