The File Size of Death Stranding Director’s Cut is 68 GB

The File Size of Death Stranding Director’s Cut is 68 GB
Written by Vince Abella

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is 68 GB.
Thanks to Twitter account @PlaystationSize, we now know how large the anticipated Director’s Cut for Kojima’s 2019 game Death Stranding will be. The most recent game from the living legend Hideo Kojima had an announcement shown at the Summer Game Fest this June and has been met with intense excitement from fans of the base game. The Director’s Cut edition of the massively successful title is going to include many differences, such as new story missions and even more options for combat in the infamously slow-paced game. This isn’t the only new edition of a game we’re getting, as Ghost of Tsushima, another popular 2020 PlayStation title, will see a Director’s Cut.

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The Director’s Cut of Death Stranding features new options and mechanics, such as racing and robots, and pre-orders are already available ahead of its release later this year. Death Stranding largely focuses on a courier in an apocalyptic version of the United States, delivering supplies to places all across what was once a safe homeland, with a large cast that includes Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux, amongst many more prominent actors in Hollywood. Death Stranding Director’s Cut has a slightly larger file size in comparison to the original’s 55GB, with this new edition of the game taking up 68GB without a Day One patch. Hideo Kojima’s latest creation will be available for pre-loading on September 17, a full week ahead of its official release on September 24.

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