Final Fantasy XVI’s Producer wants to show the game at utmost quality so people instantly buy it

Image from Final Fantasy XVI
Written by Ankit Gaba

Some information was recently revealed related to Final Fantasy XVI in Japanese, thanks to Audrey for translating it.
Naoki Yoshida, the Producer of Final Fantasy XVI, stated that the Voice Recording for the English Version of Final Fantasy XVI is almost complete, and all scenarios are set in stone; the development is going very well, but they might not be able to show it at the TGS event. Naoki Yoshida only wants to show this game at its utmost quality, so people just watch a trailer and think that they want to buy it right now.

Illustration from Final Fantasy XVI
It’s not confirmed whether they will show FFXVI at TGS or not because the devs were joking around with Yoshi P on that part, and Yoko Taro said, “Well, if you’re not gonna show it at TGS, THEN I WILL SHOW IT INSTEAD”.
If I had to predict something about this game, I would say that it would be showcased at Sony’s Next Big Event, which is supposed to happen in August because Sony has the marketing rights to this game, and it is a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5.
Final Fantasy XVI looks amazing. I am not much of a Final Fantasy Fan, but I think I’ll love the combat system in XVI. It just looks amazing and features hack n slash type combat which is my cup of tea. Hopefully, it has a good story as well. I might try playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake again, even though I dropped it midway because I was not a fan of the combat, and I found the story a bit inconsistent.

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