The Evolution of Gaming in the Form of a Video Game Series



Assassin’s Creed is one of the most recognizable franchises in the world of gaming. The opportunity to travel through time and to experience historical events as a character participating in the developments that define today’s society is a selling point that never fails to deliver. Ubisoft’s most popular series generates millions in profit every year, setting the standards for modern action-adventure role-playing games. In a way, the Assassin’s Creed universe is replicating the evolutionary process of gaming technology, showing technological advancements in every new installment of the series.



Assassin’s Creed games will never go out of fashion, just like Baccarat and other casino games will never stop being popular. Gamers will always enjoy exploring iconic historical locations and using weapons and armor of historical figures, such as Alexander the Great, Ragnar Lodbrok, or Charlemagne. The ability to be part of history by living your myth through the heroes of AC games is something that no other game can offer, and because of that, Ubisoft will keep generating profits for as long as it keeps developing Assassin’s Creed titles for consoles, computers and other gaming devices.


Assassin’s Creed has played an important role in the revolutionization. All the action-adventure RPG mechanics players loved when they played AC games are gradually being incorporated into RPG games that other studios are developing. No developer will ever admit to having copied functionalities from AC of course, but there are many mechanics in competing titles that seem to have been inspired by the mechanics of Assassin’s Creed. One of the most common things is how action adventure RPG characters can switch from using daggers to heavier blunt weapons and how the heroes of popular games move in the open-world environments of their games.


Final Fantasy, Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima


Three AAA titles, which have sold millions of copies and which have borrowed a lot of elements from Assassin’s Creed are Final Fantasy 15, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima. Square’s masterpiece feels like an AC title blended with the mythologies of the Final Fantasy universe. Noctis can switch from one weapon to another just like Bayek, Cassandra and Eivor. In Sekiro and in Ghost, the two Japanese warriors use their surroundings to their advantage in order to silently take down their opponents using stealth tactics. As for the special abilities, all three games have mechanics that are similar to those of recent AC titles.


What Comes Next in Assassin’s Creed?


Ubisoft has been working on the next installment of the AC series, but at the same time, the studio is continuing to expand AC Valhalla. The longest game in the series has gotten even longer because of the Forgotten Saga. This mode is a real game changer for Valhalla, as it adjusts the way gamers play the game. Those who thought that the DLCs had stretched the game to its gameplay value limits, will be surprised by the new functionalities that came with the Forgotten Saga mode.





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