Tales of Arise Free PS5 Upgrade, Collectors Edition, Gameplay and More Information Revealed

Tales of Arise Free PS5 Upgrade, Collectors Edition, Gameplay and More Information Revealed
Written by Ankit Gaba

Tales of Arise has just received a lot of information on the official PlayStation Japan Blog. Let’s start with its official Box Art.

Box Art of Tales of Arise

The Box Art of Tales of Arise
I think this Box Art looks pretty good, but again I have never played any “Tales Of” Franchise games, so I will leave it to the fans to judge it properly.
The translation from Japanese from the Box Art Part states, “This time, the main characters Alphen and Zion, the heroine, and Linwell and Rowe’s secrets and techniques are revealed! In addition to the details of the stars “Dana” and “Lena” that are the setting of their thoughts and stories, I will also introduce the resistance forces of the Dana people formed to counter the oppression of Lena.”

Now, after this box art translation states, “The secrets and techniques of the characters are revealed!”

Information about the Characters

A translation of this blog states, “In “Tales of ARISE”, a high-quality 3D model creates a mystery with unprecedented power. For details on the activation conditions and whether there are other secrets for each character, we will wait for future updates.”
And then later, there is a gameplay video with the characters Alphen / Zion / Linwell / Rowe.

After that, there are some proper screenshots from the trailer of the characters.

Alfen: Scarlet Flame Opposition / Open

Screenshot of Alfen From Tales of Arise

Zion: Adre Beat Omnia

Screenshot of Zion from Tales of Arise

Linwell: Shiranagi / Kaminari

Screenshot of Linwell from Tales of Arise

Rowe: Thunder wolf shadow leg

Screenshot of Rowe from Tales of Arise

Technique Details

The translation for this part states, “In this work, you can set 3 types of techniques on the ground and 3 types in the air. By making full use of pressing the buttons at the same time, it is possible to set a total of 12 types of techniques, 3 types each. You can enjoy three-dimensional battles that make full use of not only ground skills but also aerial skills.”

And then there are some more in-game screenshots revealed by Bandai Namco

Gameplay image from Tales of Arise
Alfen: Genie Sword / Fang Fang
Gameplay Image 2 from Tales of Arise
Linwell: Air Thrust
Gameplay Image 3 from Tales of Arise
Rowe: Rondo whirlwind

A series of attacks that combine normal attacks, techniques, and boost attacks, which are new elements, and the battle style of this work will be released in a future follow-up report.

Gameplay Image 4 from tales of Arise
Gameplay Image 4 from Tales of Arise

Story Information

The secret thoughts of the party characters

What do Alfen, Zion, Linwell, and Rowe carry in the fight? What are the thoughts that each member has in their hearts?

Screenshot of characters from tales of arise
Screenshot 2 of characters from Tales of Arise

[Alphen] A
Dana slave who raises a sword of fire and rebels

A young man woke up wearing a mysterious mask and lost all his memories.

Dana’s compatriots collapse in their daily hardships; Lena just looks at it as if they were ridiculing. Alphen, who has no memory, is deeply angry at the scene, which has become a daily routine for the Dana people.

Alphen, who got a sword of fire when he met Zion, challenges the battle to win freedom by overthrowing the generals (Surdo) in various places and destroying the “wall” that separates the ground.

Screenshot of Alphen

[Zion] A mysterious heroine chased by Lena’s family

Although he is a Lena, he meets Alphen while being chased by Lena’s soldiers. He cooperates with Alphen not only in battle but also in healing by star spirits and is called a “traitor” by Viezo, the Surdo of Caragria.

Why was she being chased by Lena soldiers? And in this place where it is rare for Dana and Lena to even have a conversation, what is her true purpose of achieving even with Dana?

Screenshot of Zion

[Linwell] A descendant of a clan who has been oppressed and has lived in hiding.

The Linwell clan was once called a “witch” because they are Dana but can use star spirits. Perhaps because of its peculiar existence, he has lived in hiding not only from the Lena people but also from his fellow Dana people.

Hearing rumors of Caragria’s “Sword of Fire,” he appears before Alphen and Zion, hoping for the liberation of Sithrodia. However, from one experience, Linwell is more hostile to Lena than anyone else and struggles to share the journey with Zion, a Lena.

Screenshot of Linwell

[Low] A boy who betrayed his compatriots and became Lena’s minion

A Dana boy who belongs to the secret police “Jaime” to make Lena’s rule stronger and more stable. Alphen and the others who arrived at Sithrodia are blocked in front of the party in order to restrain them as “disturbing molecules”.

Why does he betray Dana and capture his compatriots as part of Lena’s organization? What is the occasional expression of anguish and the past behind it?

Screenshot of Low

Dana, a star that is divided and robs people of their lives and future

[Dana] A
the enslaved star that once praised the abundant land

Dana, a star that was once full of lush greenery and nature. 300 years ago, the peace was over when suddenly invaded by the neighboring star Lena.

The land was dominated by the Lena, and even the culture and life that had accumulated there had been destroyed. And the power of all things, “star spiritual power,” is taken away by the Lena people, which has a great impact on the climate and nature.

Screenshot of Dana

[Lena] The
ruler’s star once worshiped as “the land where God lives.”

A star that was once said to be the place where the gods live and the garden where the dead rest. The Dana people were simply forced to surrender in the face of unimaginable technology for the Dana people and the monster “Zoogle” used by Lena’s soldiers.

Screenshot of Lena

The land of Dana is divided and ruled by “walls” built by the Lena, and each land is governed by Surdo, the representative of the Lena. The Alphens will travel around the country to regain freedom in Dana by overthrowing Surdo and destroying the “walls” that separate them.

A Screenshot from Tales of Arise

The earth where the spiritual power of the stars is deprived

A country where fire and ashes swirl, where the spiritual power of the star of “fire” is deprived ── Karagria

The Dana people here are struggling to accumulate the spiritual power of the Star of Fire. A spirit stone (core) is embedded in the arms of these Dana slaves, and the Lena people despise them as “with stones.”

On the contrary, the Lena people were called “shining eyes” by the Dana people because their eyes glowed when using the art of star spirit, and they were hated.

  • Screenshot from Tales of Arise
  • Screenshot from tales of arise

The land that has become permafrost due to the deprivation of “light” from the area ── Sith Rhodia

In this area where “light” is robbed from the area, secret police called “Circle Dots” have made the rule by the Lena more solid by informing and arresting the rebels. People are afraid of telling, and even Dana people are not allowed to challenge Lena’s rule.

The boy Rowe, who meets here, stands in front of Alphen and his party as a member of the Janome.

  • Screenshot of Tales of Arise
  • Screenshot from tales of arise

Dana’s resistance against Lena’s rule and oppression

There are resistance organizations to Lena formed by the Dana people in various places. They work with Alphen and his party, who have the Sword of Fire, to defeat and release Surdo.

However, their resistance and conflict may further spur Lena’s oppression, and they are not necessarily praised as people’s heroes.

  • Image from Tales of Arise
  • Image from Tales of Arise

Free PS5 Upgrade and Information about the PS5 Version

It doesn’t matter whether you buy this game on Disc or Digitally; you will get a free PS5 Upgrade which is a great thing to see. I am really happy because many people still do not have a PlayStation 5, including me, but Sony has registered a new PS5 model, which might boost the stocks

Collector’s edition

■ “Tales of ARISE” game software
■ Statue figure (Alphen / Zion) (Height: approx. 18 cm)
■ Exclusive luxury BOX
■ Large-format art book
■ Original soundtrack
■ Logo motif metal pin badge 2 types
■ Dot & SD illustration 2 Disc sticker
■ Acrylic figure with the background
■ 5 postcards

Image of Collector's Edition

Figure Edition

■ “Tales of ARISE” game software
■ Statue figure (Alphen / Zion) (Height: approx. 18 cm)

Image of Figure Edition

Tales of ARISE Premium edition.”

Image of Premium Edition■ “Tales of ARISE” game software
■ Exclusive luxury BOX
■ Large-format art book
■ Original soundtrack
■ Logo motif metal pin badge 2 types
■ Dot & SD illustration 2 disc sticker
■ Background acrylic figure
■ 5 postcards

Ultimate Edition
Image of Ultimate Edition

■ “Tales of ARISE” game main part
■ Costume premium pack
■ Costume set 3 types: “sea bathing”, “school life”, “Sengoku Kimono.”
■ Successive series battle BGM pack
* Each content is scheduled to be sold individually

“Deluxe Costume Edition”

■ “Tales of ARISE” main game
■ Costume premium pack
■ 3 costume sets: “Swimming”, “School life”, “Sengoku Kimono.”

“Deluxe Sound Edition”

■ “Tales of ARISE” main game
■ Successive series battle BGM pack

Image of Soundtrack Edition

What do you think about everything which was revealed about Tales of Arise? Please let us know in the comments below.

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