Bioshock 4 could be a PlayStation Exclusive according to New Reports

Bioshock 4 could be a PlayStation Exclusive according to New Reports
Written by Ankit Gaba

Bioshock 4 might turn out to be a PlayStation Exclusive according to Shpeshal_Ed, who has been right about many things related to PlayStation.
He previously leaked that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was coming to PlayStation Plus in March, and that turned out to be true.
He recently stated Bioshock 4 could turn out to be a PlayStaion Exclusive on the latest episode of his XboxEra Podcast.

He stated that he doesn’t know whether it will be a timed exclusive or a complete exclusive. I am pretty sure that it could be a timed exclusive, but again I could turn out to be wrong. Jim Ryan has also stated that Sony is spending a lot of money on Exclusive GamesGhostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop are timed exclusives for PlayStation 5 as well, despite the purchase of Bethesda by Xbox.
I’m pretty sure we will see something new related to Bioshock 4 at this year’s E3 because Take-Two (Parent Company of Rockstar games and 2K) is confirmed to be on the Exhibitors list.
Bioshock 4 is also confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5, and it is supposed to have Semi-Open-World Activities.
I’m pretty sure that Xbox Gamers might be disappointed with this news about Bioshock 4 being an Exclusive to PlayStation Systems. But again, I really doubt if it will be a complete exclusive to PlayStation. I am pretty sure it will release on PC as well, and it will most likely be a timed exclusive for a year or two, but again waiting is pretty hard, isn’t it?
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