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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is out now mostly everywhere. You might not want to read or watch some videos about it to avoid spoilers. Well, This review is completely Spoiler Free. There are a lot of good things about this game like there are no loading screens when you die unlike most of the games. The load times may vary on your hardware. The best thing about this game is Combat. The Combat in this game takes inspiration from God Of War. You can unlock Skills with Skill Points. There are 30+ types of enemies in this game. You can also use Force Abilities like Force Slow, Force Push and Force Pull during Combat.  You don’t just go to duels with People and Monsters you will also have to go to duels with big machines like AT-ST Walkers.  There’s also the classic Jedi lightsaber move, the spinning blaster deflection, something which is integral to any lightsaber-based experience. If you are Playing on the Easiest Mode you won’t have to worry about the timing of parrying an attack but if you are playing on any other mode you will have to perfect the timing of parrying an attack. Playing on the hardest mode “Grand Jedi Master” basically gives you a Dark Souls-like experience.

The Next thing we are gonna talk about is the customization. The customization in this game is like crazy good you can even customize your Clothes. The Lightsaber Customization in this game is really extensive you can even customize it’s material or change its color. You can also change the color of your ship and BD-1 Bot.

Now Let’s Talk about the Performance. We played this game on a PS4 Pro and it can run this game on dynamic 4k and 30fps or 1080p and 60fps with Performance mode. We barely noticed any lags on 4k and 30 FPS but it might lag a bit when a lot of things are happening in the game scene. We prefer performance mode over the Resolution mode.

This Game has a lot of climbing, parkour, and puzzles if you like games with climbing, parkour, and puzzles we would definitely recommend you to buy Jedi Fallen Order.

The Story is set right after Order 66 but we won’t get much into the Story of this game since we want to prevent spoilers in our review.

So, Let’s Get to The Verdict.


Really Extensive Customisation

Great Story

Good Performance even on Consoles

Gameplay feels good


Animations Feel Clunky



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