Sony to spend 14 Billion Dollars on Investments and Acquisitions

Sony to spend 14 Billion Dollars on Investments and Acquisitions
Written by Vince Abella

Microsoft isn’t the only studio acquiring, well, studios. Sony has $14 billion ready in the bank until March of 2024 to spend. Thanks to TweakTown’s reporting on the Q2 earnings from Sony, it has come to light that they have quite a lot of money to spare regarding investments. This year alone, some of the studios they acquired were Bluepoint Games (known for the brand new Demon’s Souls Remake) and Housemarque (creators of the popular PS5 title Returnal), and outside of the realm of gaming, Crunchyroll (known for anime), and it is easy to see them making even more acquisitions in the future in addition to those previously mentioned.

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While I myself am no particular financial expert, from what I can gather, it seems that until March 31st of 2024, Sony will have the aforementioned $14 billion to invest in games and expand its already massive empire. Sony has made a pledge to be aggressive when it comes to games and investments, so we are to expect more news regarding acquisitions in the future. After spending quite a lot of the last year’s budget on businesses, it is expected that we will be seeing quite a lot more acquisitions from Sony, and after Bluepoint and Housemarque, it is interesting to see what other studios and businesses that they could possibly buy.

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