Katana Zero is coming to PlayStation 4

Katana Zero is coming to PlayStation 4
Written by Ankit Gaba

Katana Zero was recently rated for PlayStation 4 by ESRB, which means that it could be coming to PlayStation 4 any time this year. Katana Zero has been out for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for a while. I am glad that it is finally coming to PlayStation 4. I still have not played the game, but it looks very interesting and intriguing. There is a free DLC planned for Katana Zero, which is coming out this year as well, so I think they might release Katana Zero on PlayStation 4 before DLC.
Hades was recently rated for PlayStation as well. I think Sony might be trying to host a State of Play to showcase indie games like this coming to PlayStation but again, this part is just pure speculation. It’s great to hear that Katana Zero is finally getting a PlayStation Port. Though it has been on my Steam wishlist for years, I might as well get the PS4 version whenever it comes out.
There is no mention of a Native PS5 version on the ESRB page, but PlayStation 5 users can still play it via backwards compatibility.
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