Sony patents an E-Sports Betting System

Sony patents an E-Sports Betting System
Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently Sony patented something with the name of “E-SPORTS BETTING PLATFORM”, and what this basically means is that Sony is trying to create a Platform for E-Sports Betting. The description of this Patent states, “Odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary or non-pecuniary wagering purposes. The odds may be determined using past game analytics, or may be determined parimutuelly.”
The description is very basic. I am pretty sure everyone reading this will understand it, but I’ll still try to explain it. So basically, they will collect the data of who won or who lost when players bet money on their favourite teams, then they will reward you, or you’ll lose money (depending on the result)
This is a very interesting patent because no other big company has created a platform for E-Sports betting yet. I still do not encourage anyone on betting because many people end up losing their savings.
Sony has been paying very heavy attention to E-Sports recently. They welcomed Evo into the PlayStation Family by acquiring them. I think this patent might be a bit related to that, and you will be able to bet on your favourite teams or players at Evo soon. Evo Online this year will take place from August 6 to 8, and they might be able to integrate this betting system on their platforms and stuff.
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