Sony might be working on a Proper way of Game Sharing on PlayStation Consoles

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Written by Ankit Gaba

Sony recently patented “Secure Access to Shared Digital Content”, which means that they could be working on a proper way for Game Sharing, and that way might be way more secure.
“In a server configured to operate on a network, secured access to shared digital content may be implemented in response to a request from a first user to access one or more content items belonging to a second user. Information about the first and second users is analyzed with a machine-learning algorithm to determine a relationship between the first user and the second user. The first user is granted or denied access to the one or more content items based on the determined relationship.” states the Description of this Patent.

There will be a system where you can grant access to content to other people without giving them your Password. If this turns out to be an actual thing, it could be big for PlayStation users. This seems like a very useful feature. Hopefully, they implement it as soon as possible.
Sony is also planning to host an event for PlayStation in a couple of weeks. Maybe we will see something related to this at that event.
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