SoCs for PS5 Pro and a new version of Xbox are in development

SoCs for PS5 Pro and a new version of Xbox are in development
Written by Vince Abella

New SoCs or System-on-Chips are reportedly currently under development from AMD meant for the next generation of consoles. Amidst rumors of a new version of the PS5 much like the PS4 Pro, this could potentially be another sign of that. AMD seems to be in the process of creating new SoCs for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, though this is currently unconfirmed as of now. It is highly likely that as a result of this, Microsoft and Sony’s next consoles will feature AMD and RDNA based chips. Their next consoles also seem to be already in development as a result of this report. 

According to a job listing currently available on LinkedIn, AMD is hiring a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer in Canada as of now to help with the process of a next-gen chip development project currently ongoing. This supposedly “complex” new design is in the works right now, and AMD is looking for those with experience to work with architects and the design of the new chip. This LinkedIn job listing was released only last May 5th, and even with the new generation of consoles only having begun a few years ago, this could signal new and interesting potential with what future consoles could be like considering how powerful they already are.

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