Shing! Review

Written by Ankit Gaba


Name Shing!

Platforms:  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Including Linux and MacOSX)

Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

Developer: Mass Creation

Genre: Beat em up

Shing is a fantastic Beat Em Up game with a fun combat system and great humor, and it can be quite challenging at times when there are a lot of enemies surrounding you in Shing! but the Combat is relatively easy to master the aesthetic and art style of Shing! is excellent, but the textures have a bit low resolution in some areas, and it’s noticeable the best part of Shing! was it’s fun combat system so let’s talk about it first

Combat System:

Shing!’s Combat is easy to master as I stated before and it’s quite simple too you just have to move your right joystick on your controller in different areas also you can parry projectiles which some enemies shoot at you some enemies are guarded by a shield, and they shoot projectiles which you can either dodge or reflect reflecting is the best on those enemies as it replenishes their shield and you can attack them usually afterward also the enemy variety is great it made the game a bit less repetitive I guess but it still somehow managed to get repetitive. There are multiple controller configuration options in Shing! Which you can change to your own comfort I was very comfortable with the default controller configuration and never tried the other configuration options.

Shing allows you to pull off any type of angeled combos, counters, aerials, and parries you like to. It gives you a sense of freedom with its Combat.

Local co-op is also present in Shing! Which is the best way to play the game, in my opinion, and it makes Shing! A bit less challenging, and the bosses are easier to defeat. There are a total of 7 Bosses in Shing! All of them are quite challenging but playing Shing! In local co-op makes the experience better I would recommend you to play Shing! On normal if you are playing alone and hard if you are playing with your friends. There are four characters in Shing! All of them have different weapons, and if a character dies, you can revive it if you are playing Shing! Alone the other four characters will disappear and reappear from time to time because of cutscenes, and you can switch between all of those four characters, and if your combo is good enough, you get a unique ability which lets you deal more damage to your enemies another fantastic thing in Shing is the way you just cut through your enemies, at the end of a battle. It reminded me of the Ghost of Tsushima for some reason.


The Story of Shing is excellent and fast-paced. I won’t spoil the story for you, but I can tell you that it’s filled with humor also there are lore rooms which allow you to uncover some secrets and understand the story better there are a total of 7 Lore Rooms.

Shing! also has challenge rooms which have a lot of enemies and you have to defeat them with a specific condition it can be very challenging if you are playing alone.

All of the protagonists in Shing have their own weapons and strengths, as I stated before, you can swap between them at any time if you are playing alone. Switching between them was pretty useful to revive allies or to make my combos better. The art style and the world was inspired by anime. Shing is not just an average beat em up game. It has some elements which you won’t be able to experience in other beat-em-up games, which makes Shing! pretty unique and different from other beat-em-up games


Overall Shing! is an enjoyable experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for an awesome Beat-em-up game with anime-inspired visuals and a lot of freedom in Combat also if you are looking for some fun game to play with your friends. It is perfect for you since you can play Shing! With up to 4 people. The Combat is easily my favorite part of the game because of the freedom in combos and the simplicity of the combat system. Anyone can quickly master the Combat in less than an hour. Also, the humor in Shing was pretty enjoyable, but it might be offensive to some people.


  • Fantastic Combat with a lot of freedom in terms of Combos
  • Great Anime-Inspired art style
  • Funny humor
  • Interesting Lore which you’ll have to discover
  • Local Co-op is fun
  • Challenging experience


  • Shing! can get repetitive
  • Playing Shing! alone is pretty boring


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