PlayStation might have acquired Bluepoint Games along with Housemarque

PlayStation might have acquired Bluepoint Games along with Housemarque
Written by Ankit Gaba

PlayStation recently acquired Housemarque, and that was a great acquisition, but they might have acquired Bluepoint Games.
The Japanese PlayStation Blog Post posted this image instead of the Housemarque one.
Bluepoint Games Acquisition Image
This might have just confirmed a Bluepoint Games Acquisition because they might have posted a wrong image accidentally before the official announcement.
I think that they will announce the Bluepoint Games Acquisition at the PlayStation Experience event.
Bluepoint games are already working on a new IP, and hopefully, we get to see something related to that soon. I think we might not be seeing it anytime soon because Demon Souls Remake just released recently, and they need more time to showcase their next game.
I really hope that their game is great. I have my doubts since all they have done is remakes so far, which isn’t the same as creating a brand new IP; it might be hard, but Bluepoint Games can do it.
Bluepoint Games are a very worthy acquisition for PlayStation; they have achieved critical acclaim with all of their remakes; hopefully, they continue to do that with their next projects.
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