Operation Tango Preview

Operation Tango Preview
Written by Ankit Gaba

Operation Tango is an online co-op spy game where you and a partner can either be down in the middle of the action or outside on a computer handling the hacking side of things. Depending on whoever you choose, the gameplay styles can vastly differ. For example, your partner can place blocks in a digital space so the hacker can avoid security and safely make it across to the other side.

For The Hacker, many things are often visualized in a blocky digital-like style where it is mostly composed of data blocks to unlock doors and deactivate security. The Agent is down in the heat of the action, where they avoid security drones, gain access codes for The Hacker to allow The Agent to progress further. The Agent is in the most danger, so it is up to The Hacker to protect them to the best of their abilities behind a computer screen.

For this preview, there were two levels for my partner and me to try out. “A Viral Heist” and “A High Tech Target.” Each of our experiences playing the two characters were quite different.

My partner played The Agent, which he found to be the most fun side between the two. Trying to get access to the facility while also admiring the very artistic art style was a really interesting part of the experience. While he was trying to get open a door, I would be looking at the environment and taking in small details. Another part we both liked was the small interaction we were able to do while progressing the mission, sending emotes on camera as the spy and the hacker being able to see exactly what the other person did and being able to help each other out in unique ways on small hacking minigames. A big aspect of the game is about communication and timing, as we had to plan out and correctly execute plans we had thought of at the spot in the middle of difficult parts, which we both really liked as it promoted teamwork as it is impossible to progress if one person is not cooperating. Every time we would finish a mission, it would feel like a big relief as it meant we were doing a good job.

I played The Hacker. I found The Hacker to be the most enjoyable for me personally. It really put me into the mindset of a cheesy but cool hacker you would see in movies. Relaying information back and forth to my partner was a blast as well, especially when we worked close together on a specific puzzle. We cannot see each other’s screens, so relaying info with our voices is a necessity. Understanding your partner is key to success and being able to describe what you can see is helpful to the mission’s success or failure. There are checkpoints sprinkled around the tasks you and your partner accomplish. If you accidentally fail a task, you may be brought right back to before you made a fatal error, able to give it another shot with knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. As The Hacker, the only ‘real world’ visuals you can see are through security cameras that you spy on your partner with. Your partner can emote to these cameras and blow kisses, thumbs up and more. The tense situations that come up help to keep you and your partner on edge. There are also situations that can be made into more goofy, lighthearted ones. A successful mission completed is very satisfying and enjoyable. Finding out which playstyle suits you is key to an even more enjoyable experience.
Overall, Operation Tango is a fun spy-themed co-op game that my friend and I really enjoyed playing. The beautiful art style captivated both of us and made us crave more of it all. We cannot wait to see the other levels in the full release of the game.

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