New Marvel’s Avengers Patch is deleting the progress of some players

Written by Ankit Gaba

Some PC Players are losing all their progress in Marvel’s Avengers because of the new Patch. This information was first shared by the Redditor Insomniackarter.

Crystal Dynamics released a new Patch for Marvel’s Avengers recently, which squashed around 1000 bugs, but some issues are still present. Just like we mentioned before, some players are losing all their progress.


In the post, he stated, “250+ hours of progress lost with new Patch. All my save files were corrupted. I lost everything except cosmetics and credits for some reason. F.”

This means that he lost all of his progress because of the new Patch. This might be happening to more players. This is very bad. Imagine spending 250+ Hours on a game, and all that progress is just gone, and all your save files get corrupted. Then all you have is cosmetics and credits, which don’t matter as much as your progress.

Another bad thing about Marvel’s Avengers on PC currently is it’s the performance you have terrible performance. CPU usage would spike to 100% at unexpected points, and then you got all these bugs that ruin the game on PC; even more, this is terrible. They should have delayed the game again to make it better on PC. Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics will take some action and will fix these issues in the upcoming Patches.


We have contacted Square Enix about this situation; we will keep you updated as soon as they reply.

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