Hollow Knight Silksong Release Date, News, Characters, Gameplay and more

Hollow Knight Silksong Release Date, News, Characters, Gameplay and more
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What is the release date of Hollow Knight Silksong?
Well, Release Date for Hollow Knight Silksong might be February 2022.

Image from Hollow Knight Silksong

There is no announced release date for Hollow Knight Silksong yet, but a release date for it was found in the Nvidia Geforce Now database, which is most likely accurate, and that release date is February 2022, but that could be false since changes of plans are very frequent at Team Cherry initially said that it was going to be a DLC for Hollow Knight, but they turned that into a game so changing the rumoured “Planned” release date is nothing for them but let’s just hope that it is going to come out in February 2022, but I doubt it because it will face heavy competition with AAA Games like Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Saints Row Reboot and Many More February 2022 seems like a very busy week for video games, and I can see myself playing at least 5 new games in February 2022 if they do not get delayed, so I do not think that February 2022 is the release date. personally, but we will see. Let’s just hope that they announce one soon because fans have been waiting patiently for news about Hollow Knight Silksong for years, and I think all we got was information in that Edge Magazine. I think Team Cherry could be at Games Award and announce Hollow Knight Silksong’s release date with some gameplay. The Game Awards are supposed to happen on 9 December this year. Seeing Hollow Knight Silksong there would be a miracle for many people, including me.

Gameplay Changes in Hollow Knight Silksong


You can see the gameplay changes in Hollow Knight Silksong in the video above, but that video is around 2 years old. I am pretty sure that Team Cherry has changed Hollow Knight Silksong even more, they had a lot of time, and they were definitely not just sitting around without any creativity.

Hollow Knight Silksong has the potential to be the most creative Metroidvania game ever. The wait for Hollow Knight Silksong seems eternal at this point for some reason. You should check out the games below while waiting on Hollow Knight Silksong.

Games to play while waiting for Hollow Knight Silksong

Hollow Knight Silksong gameplay image

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You should also check out Going Under, which our reviewer described as “Going Under is a pretty good game that manages to find its spot as a charming, parody yet critical, roguelike indie game that doesn’t innovate in the genre but has a unique charm that can resonate with many millennials and, in the end, become a joyful experience.” check out the full review here.

Another Game you should check out is Narita Boy along with Ender Lilies

Ender Lilies is a competently made Metroidvania type game – with gorgeous artwork, a sometimes hauntingly beautiful but subdued score and offering some challenging gameplay that rewards planning and being persistent. – Check out the full review of Ender Lilies by clicking here

Neon Abyss is a very challenging game, but the gameplay loop can get boring quickly, and there are some bugs that might have been fixed by the time you are reading this review. I would recommend you to get Neon Abyss if you like Contra and Dead Cells or any other Metroidvania or Roguelike games because it is similar to them. The developers did a great job on the level design; the reason I didn’t talk about the lore in this review is that I didn’t want to spoil your experience. Well, that’s it for the Neon Abyss Review. Let’s get to the Pros and Cons – Check out our full review here.

Hollow Knight Silksong is one of the most anticipated releases, serving as the follow-up to one of the best games of 2017. Hollow Knight proved to be a fantastic addition to the Metroidvania genre, with its intense gameplay and stunning artstyle, and people are eagerly awaiting any news available regarding its sequel. 

Playable Protagonist 

In contrast to the first game’s protagonist being the Knight, in Silksong, players will be able to take control of Hornet. Fans of the original Hollow Knight will remember Hornet as being both a formidable foe and an ally, and here, she takes over as the main playable character of the game as she wanders a brand new land while the player figures out what led her to this situation. In contrast to the Knight, Hornet will be a voiced protagonist as well. 

Formidable Foes 

The first Hollow Knight is known for its difficulty, and the foes were quite the obstacle for players to overcome, with over 150 enemies for the Knight to face. Fear not masochists, as the new title will have 150 more new enemies as revealed all the way back at E3 2019, back when people thought they were getting Hollow Knight Silksong any time soon. Enemies such as the new Bellhead will force you to attack their torsos thanks to being protected by, obviously, a bell on their head. 

New Mechanics and Items 

With a brand new setting and playable character, there are many shifts to the gameplay of Hollow Knight Silksong. There are two currencies, rosaries which are meant for trading goods, and shards meant to replenish and create your tools, and upon death, you will only lose your rosaries. At save benches, you will be able to save, but to replenish your supplies, you have to pay a small fee. 

Thanks to Hornet’s style, there is an even quicker pace to this sequel, with a focus on faster movement which includes a dash move that will aid in platforming sections. The game will also feature a new crafting mechanic, though this wasn’t quite elaborated on in the game’s E3 presentation. She can also heal much quicker compared to Knight, and this will certainly prove to be useful in intense boss battles. 

A Whole New Kingdom 

After stepping foot into the abandoned lands of Hallownest, players will be finding themselves in the kingdom of Pharloom. Instead of delving deep below into Hallownest, players will rise up from the lowest levels as the player unravels the story and what led Hornet to this area. There will reportedly also be elements of religion incorporated to the themes, and it is still to be seen how it will play a part in Silksong’s story. 

What do you think about Hollow Knight Silksong possibly releasing in February 2022? Please let us know in the comments below.


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