Will WWE 2K22 be on PS4 and Xbox One

Will WWE 2K22 be on PS4 and Xbox One
Written by Ankit Gaba

Will WWE 2K22 be on PS4 and Xbox One? The answer is Yes, WWE 2k22 will be on PS4 and Xbox One.

There is no official confirmation by 2K Sports on this, but the official PlayStation YouTube Channel mentions PS4 and PS5 in the WWE 2K22 Trailer.

Image from WWE 2K22

If WWE 2K22 is on PS4, then it is most likely to be on Xbox One along with that because it does not make any sense to not put it on Xbox One if you are going to put it on PS4.

WWE 2K22 just looks amazing; their last Hit List trailer really made me hyped; I just cannot wait for it. Thankfully, the fast-paced gameplay and GM Mode are back, along with massive improvements to MyCareer, and a new mode called MyFaction is there as well.

It really seems like the things on my wishlist, which I wrote a while back ago, are coming true.

If you have not seen the Hit List trailer of WWE 2K22, you can watch it below.

We will be getting more details on WWE 2K22 in January, and I just cannot wait for those details. I hope that they reveal more details about what they have done to the GM Mode and how does it differ from the one in Classic WWE Games. The graphics and animations really seem good from what I have seen so far and especially because the animations aren’t stretched out, which makes the game fast-paced like older WWE Games.

I just hope that it lives up to the hype, especially after all the time that they took to make this game. I would be really disappointed if it turns out to be bad or mediocre. My expectations are pretty high now, especially because of that Hit List trailer; well, I guess we will see in March how the game turns out to be; I will be covering WWE 2K22 Content which includes a Review, Gameplay and more.

And if it turns out to be good, I would be happy with them buying the FIFA License like they are rumoured to.

What do you think about WWE 2K22 releasing on PS4 and Xbox One? Please let us know in the comments below.

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