Gran Turismo Director says that he wants to create a world with “More Reality Than The Real Thing”

Written by Ankit Gaba

Gran Turismo 7 was first revealed in June at the PlayStation 5 showcase with a release date of 2021, but sadly it was delayed to 2022 earlier this year. Earlier today, in an interview with KPMG’s Chief Digital Officer, Yamauchi talked about what kind of society he’d like to see in the future. He replied with “I intend to continue Gran Turismo going forward, which will be in the same boat as the car culture and automobile industry. At the same time, I would like also to do something different”, and later he stated, “I think that one of the missions of video games is to realize digital twins by connecting the real and digital worlds. On the other hand, I also think that “the reality that can be felt by humans may not necessarily be felt from something real,”
and I intend to confront this question for sure. I would like to take on the challenge of creating a world where people feel more reality than the real thing, whether this is through Grand Turismo or not.”
So basically, Yamauchi wants to create a world where people will feel more reality than the actual world, whether this is through Gran Turismo or another project. Hopefully, he succeeds with his vision in the future and manages to create that world with Gran Turismo when it releases in 2022 or even another project in the future.
Source: TheGamer
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