Respawn Entertainment is working on a new IP

EA says that Respawn Entertainment has the freedom to decide whether they want to make Titanfall 3 or not
Written by Ankit Gaba

According to the latest Job Listings by Respawn Entertainment, they are working on a new IP; the Job Listing states, “Early involvement in developing a brand new IP.” According to previous rumours, they were working on a Jedi Fallen Order Sequel. So that means Respawn Entertainment is currently working on Apex Legends, A Brand New IP and a Jedi Fallen Order Sequel. Previously EA stated that Respawn Entertainment have the freedom to decide what they want to work on next, and they might have just decided on a new IP instead of Titanfall 3
In an interview with IGN EA’s chief studios’ officer, Laura Miele, said, “Apex takes place in the Titanfall world, and the Respawn team is incredibly proud of that legacy and brand; that team will determine what the future holds for Apex and Titanfall. I don’t believe in directing or telling game teams what to create; it has to come from the player community and the inspiration and motivation of developers.”

Basically, EA has given all their studios a level of freedom to create whatever they want to make. At the end of the day, it is up to Respawn to start the development of Titanfall 3. Since they are working on a new IP, Apex Legends and Jedi Fallen Order 2, I do not expect Titanfall 3 to be announced any time soon, but hopefully, one day, we might be able to get a sequel to one of the best First Person Shooters of Last-Gen
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