Fallout New Vegas 2 Wishlist

Fallout New Vegas 2 Wishlist
Written by Srishti

The hype machine is back in full force, and the biggest new leak this time is something that many gamers have been clamoring for since we first got our hands on Fallout New Vegas. Don’t get too excited, because, for the time being, this is all just rumors and unproven leaks… but it’s not impossible.
Fallout New Vegas 2 could be a real thing it is currently in “very early talks” at Microsoft.
We know that Bethesda is not gonna work on it because the Bethesda Austin team is currently working on a multiplayer game.

1. The Return Of The Enclave

image from Fallout New Vegas

The Enclave has been mostly ignored in recent Fallout games, with just brief mentions in Fallout 4 and a solitary questline in Fallout: New Vegas – a far cry from their important involvement in both Fallout 2 and Fallout 3.

Obsidian has the final say on how they’ll return, especially since the majority of the faction was wiped off on both the east and west coasts. This time around, having them as a full-fledged faction that you may join could be a nice substitute for the Institute or the Legion.

2. Third-Person Mode Improvements

Another image from Fallout New Vegas

It’s hardly an exaggeration to argue that every Bethesda game’s third-person mode could be better. To be fair, it’s not easy to build an engine that excels in both first- and third-person combat, but the Fallout games’ engine is particularly odd. Because you’re only slinging melee weapons about in The Elder Scrolls, you can get away with it a little more.

This issue has been leveled at both New Vegas and, more recently, Fallout 4. The third-person camera is essentially there to remind you of how great you look now and again. We’re not expecting The Last of Us-level polish, but something passable so we can look nice while shooting.

3. Companions, Except Real

3. Companions, Except Real


The concept for Fallout 76 seemed intriguing. Yes, the implementation may have been better, but the game was always better when played with a friend. Nobody wants to see a New Vegas 2 that is always online and lacks a meaningful single-player experience, but the standard formula may be improved with just one more friend.

Although the post-apocalyptic world is harsh and devoid of hope or kindness, it has never been a lonely place. Different factions and partners have always made life in the wasteland a little easier, so why not have a friend of our choosing drop in now and then? As long as they don’t mind being overshadowed by Dogmeat, our true best friend.

4. Vehicles

Powder Ganger Fallout New Vegas

In the world of Fallout, vehicles are a bit of a rarity. Fully functional ones are hard to come by, but they do exist; most commonly in the form of vertibirds or trucks. Why not go the extra mile and allow us to drive our vehicle? Fallout 4 already lets us hop in the passenger seat of a vertibird and see Boston from above, so why not go the extra mile and let us drive our vehicle? While learning to fly a vertibird or even just driving a big, clunky Atomic V-8 car would be fun, something smaller, like a motorcycle, would suffice. The NCR is known for its horse-mounted units, so that’s another possibility. Maybe Benny wouldn’t have been able to hunt them down on foot, abduct them, and shoot them in the head of the courier who had a car? Just an idea.

5. Enhanced Survival Mode

Enhanced Survival Mode Fallout New Vegas

Survival mode, often known as a hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas, is a very authentic method to enjoy a post-apocalyptic adventure. It would be the finest method to play Fallout… if the most recent games didn’t include dozens of issues and crashes.

There has been a slew of mods that improve survival mode, and it’d be great to see some of them make it into New Vegas 2. It would be good to see popular mods like being able to carry a sleeping bag around so you can save, making evenings darker, and not allowing you to pause the game using your Pip-Boy properly included in the game.

6. Better Character Customization

 better character customisation fallout new vegas

Building a character in the wasteland has never been easy, regardless of whatever Fallout game we’re talking about. To be fair, Fallout 4 made some changes to its character creation system, such as the ability to “sculpt” specific regions of your face, but it was still far from flawless. More crucially, the Fallout universe contains dozens of warped human offshoots, none of which have been playable since the release of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel in 2004. Let us play as ghouls, synths, super mutants, or even the long-forgotten beast lords. Better still, make these have some sort of gameplay impact. Allow us to play as a high-intelligence super mutant or an ostracized ghoul-turned-homicidal raider.

7. Wilder Wasteland

wilder wasteland fallout new vegas

The Wild Wasteland perk is universally adored by Fallout: New Vegas fans, since it allows lore-obsessed players to have their cake and eat it by adding weird, non-canonical events and characters into the Mojave — if they choose to use it.

The perk’s biggest feature is how it improves replayability by allowing players to relive the same event in two distinct ways on a second session. To be honest, it’s almost ideal as is, so all we can ask for is more of the same – more events, more characters, and even completely different quests.

8. Fallout 4’s Gunplay

Gunplay of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 isn’t without flaws. The litany goes on and on: a shaky, bug-filled launch, a half-baked settlement concept, scores of lore-breaking transgressions, multiple features from previous games either toned down or eliminated…

Fallout 4’s FPS combat was one thing the game got right. Even though Fallout: New Vegas improved on Fallout 3’s gunplay in many areas, the gap between the two games is night and day. Hardcore Fallout fans will always choose RPGs over first-person shooters, but a successor to New Vegas must at the very least maintain the same level of excellence that Fallout 4 established.

9. More SPECIAL Choices

Another image from Fallout 4

Fallout: New Vegas, more than any prior Fallout game, gave you the ability to shape the world around you in very specific ways — as long as you possessed fallout new vegas builds, the right perks or SPECIAL points to unlock them.​​​​​​​. For this reason, low intelligence builds were particularly funny.

This was mainly absent from Fallout 4, most likely as a result of the game’s reduced dialogue system. Hopefully, whoever makes Fallout: New Vegas 2 has heard players’ wrathful screams for more stat-based interactions because I only want to play a new game if it’s big and awesome.

10. A New Setting

For the time being, “New Vegas 2” is only a working title; the only connection between this unannounced Fallout game and New Vegas is the likelihood that it may be created by Obsidian Entertainment. That raises the question of where Obsidian would set a new Fallout game.

Although many fans desire the brand to expand beyond the United States, such as to Mexico or Canada, Obsidian is more likely to stay true to its West Coast roots. New California or Alaska is undoubtedly the most popular option, but let’s be honest: Hawaii is an option the coolest option.

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