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The Next BioShock might have Semi-Open-World Activities according to latest Job Listing

Written by Ankit Gaba

The Developer Cloud Chamber is currently looking for a “Lead World Designer” for the next BioShock game “We are looking for a dedicated, passionate and personable Lead World Designer to help us build the next experience in the BioShock universe. As a Lead, you’ll be one of the standard-bearers for the creative vision of the project and be instrumental in determining how that vision translates into gameplay.

The Lead World Designer will lead a team in bringing a rich and dynamic game world to life. You’ll contribute to the design and structure of the world and own in detail how the world is populated with memorable experiences that complement the game’s main story. You’ll also drive forward standards, process, and workflows to fully unlock the creative power of your team and work extensively with the wider team on enacting the gameplay vision through playable content.

One of the most immediate challenges for the Leads team will be building a new studio up around them. It’s a tremendous opportunity to not only help define the game experience but also to contribute to the development of the team, all from the ground floor of the development.

This project is a cross-studio development endeavour. There will be a big focus on communication and collaboration across sites. Occasional travel is likely, and a willingness to promote a positive culture between studios is essential.”

This means that multiple studios will be working on the next Bioshock game. BioShock has never had an Open World before this is the first time we are getting an Open-World in a Bioshock game.


Many might consider BioShock Infinite as BioShock 3 but this game is said to be a direct sequel to BioShock 2 according to rumours.

According to Some Leaks, the game might be announced later this year on Sony’s PS5 reveal event which might be happening in less than 4 weeks According to David Scott Jaffe.


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