A PlayStation PC Launcher is in the development

A PlayStation PC Launcher is in the development
Written by Vince Abella

Xbox, Ubisoft and EA all have their own separate apps and launchers for their own games and titles on PC platforms, but thanks to a new job listing, it is possible that PlayStation may very well have its own launcher. Origin, Ubisoft Connect and Steam all have their own users, as people buy games using them, with many companies having their own. As of right now, PlayStation doesn’t have any launchers on PC, with the PS App only available on mobile devices. However, according to two job listings from last year and recently, Sony may be attempting to change that.

A job listing spotted is currently searching for a new director of product management, primarily for PC game experiences. While there is an official PlayStation website, there is no official app yet, and a certain paragraph in the job listing states that they are seeking someone to “Lead and evolve the PlayStation game experience roadmap for all game-related experiences including SDK development, client application experiences as PlayStation network Platform integration.” The mention of Platform integration could potentially mean that they are working on a launcher for the PlayStation network meant for PC. A previous job listing already was apparently searching for a UX Design Manager meant to assist with PlayStation’s off-console experience. It is still unconfirmed whether or not Sony is really working on moving its PlayStation network to PC platforms officially, but with these recent job listings combined with more PC ports for former PS exclusives coming out, it is much more likely that Sony is developing a launcher.

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