A New Crash Bandicoot Game is in Development by Toys For Bob

A New Crash Bandicoot Game is in Development by Toys For Bob
Written by Vince Abella

Crash Bandicoot may see the light of day once more in light of Activision’s very large Microsoft acquisition, thanks to a brand new leak. Crash as a whole is a series that has been through a lot, originally being one of the biggest Sony classic titles and one of PlayStation’s most recognizable names, now sitting under Microsoft’s control as a result of the aforementioned acquisition. Lately, after a 7-year hiatus followed by new titles including remasters of the original trilogy as well as a new fourth entry, it seems that a new Crash Bandicoot game is currently in development and in the works at Toys for Bob.
Image from Crash Bandicoot 4
Toys for Bob has recently been put to work on other titles by Activision, with the Spyro developer having been made to assist with the publisher’s massively popular Call of Duty: Warzone right after Crash Bandicoot 4’s release. Now though, it seems that another title from the series may be coming. According to Jez Corden, the upcoming Crash Bandicoot will not only be revealed, but it will also be a multiplayer title. It is very likely that other than the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, the new Crash title will be revealed at Summer Games Fest

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