A Gran Turismo 7 Beta could be coming soon

A Gran Turismo 7 Beta could be coming soon
Written by Ankit Gaba

A Placeholder for Gran Turismo 7 Beta was spotted on Experience PlayStation by GT Planet recently, and Sony is giving beta codes to people, but they are not working since the system has not been properly implemented or even announced yet.
This Beta is supposed to be PS5 Only despite Gran Turismo 7’s PS4 Port Confirmation earlier this year.

Image from Gran Turismo 7 Trailer
Gran Turismo 7 is supposed to come in 2022. I would not be surprised if this beta thing happens at the end of this year; I think that they will first announce a proper release date for Gran Turismo 7 then make the beta available.
The Experience PlayStation used to be an app that had quests before big events by Sony such as PlayStation Experience or their E3 Conferences; the fans had to do various things to win themes or avatars; they have not used this app since like 2017 as far as I know this could be some sort of hint at PSX Returning as well
They registered a trademark for PlayStation Experience last month, too all of this information points towards a return of the famous PlayStation Event.
What do you think about this Gran Turismo 7 Beta and PlayStation Experience Possibly returning? Please let us know in the comments below.

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