A Detroit: Become Human Show or Movie might be in development at Sony

A Detroit: Become Human Show or Movie might be in development at Sony
Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently Giant Freakin Robot posted an exclusive scoop regarding a Detroit: Become Human Movie or Show in which they stated, “We were unable to learn if the Detroit: Become Human project will be a series or a movie from Sony”, too.
This feels very weird because I think a Detroit: Become Human movie or show could not work well but let’s see, we do not even know if it’s real yet. Giant Freakin Robot has been credible in the past, so there’s a possibility that it’s real.

In case you missed this: Quantic Dream is currently working on a Competitive Multiplayer Game with Microtransactions.

Image from a Quantic Dream Game - Detroit Become Human

This Detroit: Become Human show or movie could land on Netflix considering that they were willing to invest more in Video Game related shows and movies because of the success of The Witcher Show on Netflix; however, again, I would like you to take this with a grain of salt because nothing is confirmed until an official announcement by Sony themselves.
Sony is investing more in movies about games as well a Ghost of Tsushima Movie is in development at Sony, and the Uncharted Movie is supposed to release next year.
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