9 movies and TV shows about games that are definitely worth your attention

Games and movies are great ways to reduce stress from studying or work. From time to time we experience some periods of burnout and constant exhaustion. And if the worker in most cases can easily take a day off or vacation, then students don’t have such an opportunity.

You can sometimes hear from a college student something like “I want to pay someone to write my paper, so I can finally have some decent recovery”. If you are a game lover but due to fatigue can’t manage to play properly, then we have a great alternative for you on how to relax after a hard day.

Fans of games will enjoy our selection of movies and TV shows. Just don’t forget that they have a much deeper meaning than just winning or losing.

The Lawnmower Man (1992)

A scientist experiments on a mentally retarded boy who mows lawns for a living. With the help of computer games and narcotics, the boy is put into virtual reality.

As a result, the lawnmower man’s mental abilities develop to unprecedented levels. The experiment goes the wrong way when other people intervene.

Jumanji (1995)

Children find a board game and decide to play it. But what they don’t know is that every roll of the dice or move of a figurine helps release the terrible magic that takes the game off the board. The game doesn’t stop until someone wins. The movie has several parts and even versions, so if you like it, you’re guaranteed to watch it for weeks.

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Like the previous review, it begins with a found board game that the kids dug up in God knows where and decided to try out. From the first moves, the game takes the brothers into distant space, where their home hangs in weightlessness amid meteor showers. To return, the two brothers and a sister not only need to win but also to establish relationships and learn to listen to each other.

The Exam (2009)

The movie is very psychologically tense, although there are no gory scenes here. What exacerbates the tension is that all of its characters are in the same room, which they do not leave throughout the film.

The bottom line is that a large company is looking for an employee. A lot of people came for an interview, but only a few made it to the final. They have to answer the interview question. Only that question is to be found out. They do not understand what game they play, but they know that they will be kicked out of the room for breaking the rules. Everyone wants to win, and the rivals begin to fight.

Nerve (2016)

“Nerve” is an online game where players are paid to complete watchers’ tasks. Vee decides to join the game. And the first task is to kiss a stranger. The guy turns out to be the same player. Now they have to go through the game together.

3% (2016)

The apocalypse has arrived and now the main task is to survive in poverty. True, there is a chance to improve your financial situation if you get to the Offshore. To do so, you have to win, but only 3% can do so.

Last Man Standing (2018)

The inhabitants of the planet spend all their time in the global game OASIS, where you can be anyone you want. The inventor of the game, James Holliday, died but left a will. The game is controlled by whoever can find the “Easter Egg” in OASIS. Millions of players and competing corporations begin to fight for this grand game.

Squid Game (2021)

The much-ballyhooed movie elicited many different emotions from viewers. Everyone saw something different in the film. Some saw true friendship, some saw betrayal, and some saw the ability to be optimistic no matter what.

That would be all right, but the losers are ruthlessly killed by the caretakers. Out of 455 players, only one will reach the finish line. And he will be the one to take away large prize money, which will help solve all his problems.

To understand the series, we recommend watching the showdown afterward. In the end, everything will come to a head.

Free Guy (2021)

The movie is very kind and light, it teaches you to overcome obstacles on the way to your dreams. The main character named Guy lives in an ideal world. But he has no idea that he lives the same actions every day. But suddenly he meets the girl of his dreams, and the world is no longer the same. We are sure that the ending will not disappoint you.

Hope you will enjoy these movies on one of those days when you are too tired from studying or working. It’s ok to let yourself rest and ask some of the best writing services for help with your homework assignments. Remember, that there are always ways to make your life easier and more pleasant. So, enjoy your youth and take the most from it!

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