4 Features That Make a Brilliant Video Game

We have access to a vast number of video games. Some are developed, published and distributed by the biggest names in the business such as Activision Blizzard, whereas others come from smaller studios. Video games have improved drastically from the first-ever released ones, and below we look at some of the features that make a brilliant video game in the modern gaming era.

A Solid Story Mode & Multiplayer

Video gamers are looking for more than a simple beat ‘em up nowadays. Games that come with both story and multiplayer game modes that are well-thought-out play a huge role in what makes them a hit. It is impossible to list all the video games that boast a compelling story mode, as well as offering a great multiplayer mode, but the Call of Duty franchise is a notable example of a game that offers both two.

The Visual Design

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult for a video game to compete in the gaming market without a highquality and innovative visual design. In general, visual modes of entertainment are simply more appealing when they come with great graphics, and this is true for video games, casino games like the Slots online in UK, or even the special effects we see in today’s movies.

In fact, the best video games usually feature unique visual designs. For example, we can see this in Forza Horizon 5 and Grand Theft Auto V – Some extremely popular video games that have a great visual design. The visuals of anything are extremely important nowadays, and they’re nothing like we’ve ever seen before.

Challenge & Reward

Players do not want to buy a new video game and have it completed within a matter of hours. On the other hand, you do not want to spend a lifetime while struggling to finish it. There needs to be a mix between the difficulty of the challenge, the rewards, and the hours to be spent to complete it. The balance of providing a good challenge is key to producing a top video game. In addition, offering rewards as players progress keeps people coming back for more. If you complete a complex mission in a video game, you expect to be rewarded accordingly and without that system in place, gamers would begin to lose interest.

The Gameplay

Gameplay is a crucial element of the best video games. You could produce a video game that looks stunning but if the gameplay is poor, players would stop playing sooner than you think. Gameplay covers several aspects, including how a character moves, the controls, combat systems, and interactions with other characters. Just check out a few Twitch streamers playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and you’ll see what great gameplay looks like with your own eyes.


So, these are the four elements that one must keep in mind when looking out for a top video game. The story, visual design, challenge and reward, and gameplay must all be kept in mind. New video games must excel in each of these departments to be successful.

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