Will eFootball PES 2022 have Master League?

PES 2022 might be a Free To Play Title
Written by Ankit Gaba

PES 2022 is going Free to Play, and now it is known as eFootball many people were questioning whether it will have the Master League mode or not.
Apparently, the Master League Mode will be available as an optional mode which you will have to pay for.
In a tweet, eFootball’s account stated, “In addition, offline modes such as “Master League” will be sold in the future as optional DLC on all compatible devices.”
This means that Master League might come to mobile as well; I am pretty sure that it was not available there before in the previous versions of PES.

This seems like a very fair thing, but I am still disappointed at all this eFootball thing because PES did not offer cross-play with devices like mobile.
It just seems like a weird thing, and this could limit the game on consoles in terms of technical stuff.

At least they will keep the Master League and make it an Optional DLC type thing.
Master League is the only thing I find interesting in PES, so I’m glad to see that eFootball will have Master League despite being Free to Play.

Screenshot from eFootball PES 2022
eFootball is coming out this year in early Autumn, most likely September, for Mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One and PC.
I think that they should make a Switch version at this point, too, because if it can run on Mobile devices, then it can definitely run on Nintendo Switch.
Personally, I am not really looking forward to PES or eFootball 2022.
because I want a more premium experience from my games rather than a free experience.
I have to pay separately for every mode as Optional DLC, and that seems like a bit of a chore.
I’m happy for those who wanted this game to be a Free To Play experience, but this thing is not for me.
But it’s an amazing thing for those who just like to play one mode since this optional DLC is probably gonna be end up being very cheap. Doing that is better than paying 60$ every year for a newer version of Master League.
Personally, I am going with FIFA this year, especially because of the Create A Club mode because it seems like a thing where I can spend hundreds of hours.
I will compare Master League and FIFA’s Career Mode in an article after I have played both so, please look forward to more content on Gaming Route.
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