The Most Common Financial Crimes in Online Games

Are you looking for common fraudulent practices? This is how players can protect themselves from financial crimes in online games? Read this article today!

Game fraud has kept increasing as more people seek solace from gaming pleasures. The modern world now offers more ways of setting up gaming profiles anywhere. Without proper inspections, players are now exposed to fraudulent practices.

The best way to stay ahead of cybertheft is to remain vigilant while playing online. Accounts in online casinos are most often fraudulent. Thus, cybercriminals are trying to steal the money contained therein. Most accounts with £5 minimum deposit casino UK have two-way factor authentication. Security prevents scammers from robbing anyone of their deposit bonuses and login details.

Let’s help you stay vigilant of financial crimes while you play games online. 

Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse is one of the oldest financial scams in online gaming, but people fall victim to it anyway. Fraudsters in the industry take advantage of periodic bonus campaigns for registered players. Most first-time bonuses are not cash-convertible, so these fraudsters rarely target the public.

Members on these platforms get registration or deposit bonuses. Scammers target membership-based systems for paid members with virtual money on their profiles. They can access this bonus by hacking into their profiles.

Fraudsters then collate unused bonuses from members on the platforms. A compilation of these bonuses could amount to an average of 20% of the game company’s earnings. Bonus abuse is one of the major ways scammers commit financial crimes online.

Creating More than one Account

Scammers use several IP addresses to create fake identities on gaming platforms. Fake users can accumulate rewards, online casino bonuses, and real money in real-time. Most gambling websites find it impossible to trace the activities on these accounts. 

One fake user could reap the game system of at least 1% of their incentives. Such practices come from continuous activities on many accounts. More financial crimes are also committed in online games through several account creations. Scammers only need a VPN to get most of these accounts active. Fraudsters drain game companies’ earnings by backing up main accounts with fake accounts.

Account Takeover

Players need to always protect their login details after getting deposit bonuses. You become liable to account hacks by scammers if you do not do so.

Fraudsters invest somewhat into data breaching software and algorithm. They carry out cyber-thefts with these programs on membership-paid profiles. Players that have weak passwords on gaming platforms can fall victim.

Scammers can take over an unprotected account from anywhere in the world. They would then attempt to get sensitive information from the user. Fraudsters always aim for the online payment details of players. They target this information after emptying their deposit bonuses and rewards. This popular method of financial crime is most common on gambling websites.

Chargeback Fraud

 The online gaming industry loses millions to refund scams and fraud. Scammers use the return process whereby a player requests a refund if they felt cheated. Fraudsters with many fake user accounts can always commit chargeback fraud.

Scammers make refund requests during in-game purchases. Game companies sometimes grant them all without proper verification. Online gaming companies need better systems to sort out refund requests. Only then would they prevent loss on chargeback fraud. 

Fraudsters make poor customer satisfaction claims to get money on slots refund requests. 

Affiliate Fraud

Scammers invest more resources into getting a chunk of companies online. They now take things a step further by looking into affiliate fraud. Most gaming platforms have affiliate programs running, so it’s easier to get in. They donate to games to disrupt their incentive or affiliate programs. 

Most fraudsters run affiliate fraud by processing several accounting ledgers through affiliate links. They use these ledgers to trigger CPA/PPL. They compile fake accounting ledgers consisting of fake traffic or users. 

With this, they expect to get equal rewards for their marketing efforts. These fraudsters could also tap into the profiles of non-existing and non-spending players. 



Players can protect themselves from financial crimes on gaming platforms. They have to always remain security conscious. All in-game purchases can be on hold while the game is on to avoid distractions.

Scammers take advantage of the exciting atmosphere in online gaming. They use this medium to ask for sensitive information from players online. Gamers should always protect themselves from the potential hack and account takeover attempts.


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