The Impact of Video Game Playing on Academic Performance



Gone are the days when parents used to distrust video consoles and kept them off the house because they were afraid that they would affect their kids’ performance. Nowadays, the benefits of playing video video games on academic performance are immeasurable.


That’s if the games are designed specifically for learning purposes. Most schools have incorporated video games in their curricular activities, and students have the opportunity to play these games once in a while in school. Here is the impact of video game playing on academic performance. 


Improved cognitive abilities


Improved cognitive abilities are the heart of academic excellence. Some of the cognitive abilities that are improved when students play video games include visuospatial skills and concentration. Visuospatial abilities are linked to the ability to recognize and remember objects and relate them with what you are trying to understand. 


Academic excellence is all about being able to remember what you were taught and the best ways to apply it during the exams. Students are likely to excel in math, sciences, and engineering with visuospatial skills. These courses require them to remember and relate different concepts they were taught with what they are learning.


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Promoting cooperation and teamwork


Leaning sometimes is all about cooperation and working as a team. It’s very challenging to excel in your academics if you don’t sit in groups or ask questions from the rest of the class members. With group discussions, students learn from each, which greatly improves their academic performance.


Most of the time, students play educational video games with their peers in the school. That involves cooperating with the members of the team to achieve great results. And this builds exemplary cooperation and teamwork skills for the students.


Enhanced problem solving and logic


Nothing beats enhanced problem-solving ability when it comes to better academic performance. Researchers from the University of Rochester found that video games help students make decisions faster and more accurately. And this translated to better decision-making in academic life. Most of the games are based on speed. 


When presented with problems in exams, students who have been playing video games are likely to use their gained skills to relate different concepts faster and more accurately. As a result, the students will finish their exams on time and perform better than students who don’t play video games.


Great multitasking abilities


Every course is full of activities that students need to do at the end of the day and perform better. There are assignments to be submitted on time, research, outdoor activities, and reading for the exams. Without great multitasking skills, the students are likely to face lots of challenges. It leads to poor academic performance.


Most of the games involve several activities that are performed simultaneously. That’s especially with the action games. Playing these games equips students with multitasking abilities vital for academic performance. As a result, the students can perform their daily activities better and more efficiently than others who don’t do these games. 

Higher accuracy and faster tasks completion


Any question that’s not attempted due to limited time is lost marks and a great source of confusion. Speed is a factor in academic excellence. To be at the top of the class, you must be able to work at a higher speed than most of your classmates. 


Playing video games is a better way to acquire great speed and accuracy. Most video games built for learning are based on speed and accuracy. So, the students must do everything possible to reach the end of it before time elapses.




Playing video games play an important in the academic performance of the students. It improves the working of the student’s memory and increases the accuracy of performing tasks. It also equips students with excellent multitasking skills. Students also gain better problem-solving skills and learn how to cooperate effectively to get the best results. All these points are meant for better academic of the students. That’s why most schools are actively introducing video games into their curriculum. 


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