Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spoiler-Free Review

Written by Ankit Gaba


Name: Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Platform Reviewed On:PS4


After Insomniac revealed that Spider-Man Miles Morales wasn’t a full sequel and it was a shorter standalone game, I had my doubts especially looking at the game’s length. Still, I have completed Spider-Man: Miles Morales, now and Insomniac managed to impress me in nearly every aspect. It’s definitely on par with the first game despite being shorter. The first thing I was really impressed by was the Visuals. Even though I played on the PlayStation 4, the environment made the game look better than the original it’s amazing how Insomniac managed to do this in just a year; I cannot wait to see what they will do with the next Spider-Man game one of the biggest changes in Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the photo mode let’s talk more about the Photo Mode first.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales features the best Photo Mode currently

A lot of people I know had with Spider-Man PS4 was that the photo mode was too basic and had few features, but that is not the case with Spider-Man Miles Morales Insomniac have completely revamped the photo mode. They added an option where you could choose the place where you would like to put the lightning. It’s an amazing feature that leads to a lot of possible amazing Photo Mode Shots. I randomly opened Photo Mode once in Spider-Man Miles Morales and took around 30 seconds to create that shot. I was amazed because you can mess around and still get a great result. This is great news for all the people that are interested in Virtual Photography.





Spider-Man PS4’s web-swinging impressed me greatly, and Insomniac has somehow managed to make the web-swinging even more satisfying and fun. They have added more air tricks, and the way miles do backflips and some other tricks while swinging sometimes is satisfying to see it’s way better than Spider-Man PS4’s web-swinging. I played Miles Morales in 30 FPS on a base PS4, so I’m pretty sure the web-swinging will be even smoother and better in the PS5 version because of 60 FPS.


Combat in Spider-Man Miles Morales is very similar to the one in Spider-Man PS4. It’s basically based on the same system, but insomniac has added venom abilities such as venom punch and venom dash. They are a good addition, but most of the other things remain the same as expected. I hope they make the stealth more advanced in the next Spider-Man game.



This is a spoiler-free review, so we aren’t gonna talk about the story completely. The Characters in Spider-Man Miles Morales are fleshed out, and the writing is amazing. I would say that it is on par with Spider-Man PS4’s Story. Many people I know were concerned about the Story, and I’m happy to say that Insomniac managed to write another great Spider-Man Story. I loved all the Side Characters in the main story. Miles’s Relationship with his Uncle Aaron was my favorite part of the Story, and The Plot Twists in Spider-Man: Miles Morales was completely unpredictable for me. I was hooked to the game for around 7-8 hours straight; I managed to get to the end of the Story without doing any Side-Content in just a day. I still haven’t done any Side Content yet, but from the looks of it, it is very similar to the side content in Spider-Man PS4.

To get the platinum in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you gotta do everything on the map, and you also have to complete the story again on New Game+. I plan to get the platinum on PlayStation 5 when I replay it.



In Conclusion, Spider-Man Miles Morales is an amazing standalone game built on the foundation of Spider-Man PS4. I cannot wait to see a full sequel built from Scratch. The amount of possibilities insomniac can go from here is insane in terms of the story.

Another thing I loved about Spider-Man Miles Morales was the soundtrack. It’s filled with Rap/Trap beats. The soundtrack is produced by the people who have produced for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and A$AP Rocky. It’s an amazing soundtrack way better than the one in Spider-Man PS4, in my opinion. The licensed soundtrack features Kid Cudi, Jaden, and some other artists. I loved the track by Kid Cudi and Jaden in the background while you swing in the prologue. It was one of my favorite moments in the game. I hope that the next Spider-Man game features Miles as a playable character and a more licensed Hip Hop soundtrack.

Every character is likable in Spider-Man Miles Morales and has a unique personality. As I mentioned before, the writing is amazing and on par with the one in Spider-Man PS4.

However, there are some issues in the game. For example, the frame rate would drop during some fights when there are many enemies. The issue is probably not present in the PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 Pro versions; however, this review is based on the normal PlayStation 4 version, so I’m judging everything based on my experience of the game.


  • Outstanding Visuals

  • Best Photo Mode currently

  • Amazing Soundtrack

  • Likable characters and a good story


  • Minor Frame Rate Issues




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