Quantic Dream Progressing with Star Wars Eclipse Development Amid Past Controversies

Quantic Dream Progressing with Star Wars Eclipse Development Amid Past Controversies
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In the latest developments surrounding the much-anticipated Star Wars Eclipse, French video game developer, Quantic Dream, dismisses past controversies as a roadblock to the game’s success. The team asserted that all challenges they faced due to previous issues are behind them, reassuring fans that their undivided focus is on creating a game worthy of the Star Wars legacy.

According to reports from a leading French media outlet, the development of Star Wars Eclipse is progressing smoothly. The past hurdles and controversies surrounding Quantic Dream no longer pose an obstacle to the game’s completion. The team is now working collaboratively with a Chinese group and expanding.

Controversies still surround Quantic Dream
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The report also provided glimpses into the motion capture process and sound recording for the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse. The game, designed to target broad, general audiences, is soon entering an exciting new phase in its development process. However, actual footage from the game is still being kept under wraps, building anticipation amongst fans.

While the excitement for the new game is palpable, it’s important to note the challenges Star Wars Eclipse has faced in its early stages. A fan-led campaign to boycott the game under the hashtag #BlackOutStarWarsEclipse made headlines earlier.

The boycott was initiated in response to allegations made against Quantic Dream in 2018. The studio, and particularly its head David Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière, were accused of fostering a workplace culture of racism and homophobia, as reported by three French news outlets. Cage was also accused of exhibiting inappropriate behavior towards female employees and actors in his games and allegedly making racist and homophobic remarks.

Legal action was taken by David Cage and he won the case

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However, the allegations were vehemently denied by Cage and de Fondaumière. They took legal action and won a libel case against French publication Le Monde. But another media outlet, Mediapart, who had reported about the workplace issues, was cleared of all charges.

Due to these past controversies, some fans voiced apprehension regarding Lucasfilm’s decision to partner with Quantic Dream. Many urged for boycotting the game on social media platforms, vowing not to cover the game as long as Cage was a part of the project.

Despite the past controversies, Quantic Dream is determined to focus on the ongoing development of Star Wars Eclipse. As of now, avid Star Wars fans can look forward to an intriguing new installment to the franchise, as the company sets its sights on breaking new ground with its upcoming release.

Quantic Dream’s careful dismissal of past disputes signals a clear desire to leave controversial times behind and dedicate their collective energies to building a game that will please Star Wars aficionados globally.

The hints of behind-the-scene processes like motion capture and sound recording further added fervor among fans, signifying progress in the development of Star Wars Eclipse. These sneak peeks can be seen as a reassurance to gamers that despite the strident controversies surrounding Quantic Dream, their commitment to deliver a quality product remains unhampered.

However, it isn’t just the game development that fans are scrutinizing. The studio’s internal dealings and workplace practices, which sparked an uproar in 2018, continue to cast a shadow over their endeavors. The allegations of a toxic workplace culture harboring racism and homophobia were grave enough to cause public outrage and have since remained a blot on the company’s reputation.

Further complicating things was the targeted boycott campaign initiated by fans. The trending hashtag #BlackOutStarWarsEclipse was a telling indication of the unease amongst part of the player pool. Fans used this platform to voice their worries over Lucasfilm’s decision to collaborate with Quantic Dream, particularly owing to David Cage’s alleged misconduct towards female employees and his purported racist and homophobic remarks.

Ever since these allegations were made public, the gaming community, ever vigilant about ethical practices within the industry, showed signs of trepidation. The call for boycott echoed those sentiments, with fans pledging not to cover or engage with the game until David Cage’s involvement was terminated.

However, this ongoing controversy hasn’t appeared to impede the game’s development from Quantic Dream’s perspective. The focus remains squarely on crafting a unique Star Wars adventure that fans will remember. While echoes of past controversies and the recent boycott campaign do cause some anxieties, the mission to deliver the much-anticipated Star Wars Eclipse forges ahead.

In the end, the anticipation for Star Wars Eclipse is interconnected with the conversation around past allegations and public outcry, and this certainly brings another layer of complexity to its grand reveal. What’s crucial to remember is that the world of game development is as susceptible to real-world issues as any other sector, and as fans and consumers, we have the agency to champion fair and safe work practices within it.

Until more definitive news about the game surfaces, Star Wars enthusiasts will eagerly, albeit cautiously, await the landing of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse.

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