PS5 is the most Preferred Console among developers according to 2021 Game Developers Conference Survey

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Written by Ankit Gaba

The latest survey results from GDC 2021 are out, and it seems like most developers prefer PlayStation 5 over the other consoles. There were around 3000 developers who took part in the survey; they were asked about the platform they are interested in currently. According to the results, PC is leading with 58 Percent Votes, and PS5 is very close with 44 Percent of votes. Nintendo Switch is third with 38 Percent Votes, and Xbox Series X/S is behind with around 30 Percent of votes. The Last Gen Consoles have seen a big decline in interest from developers; they have managed to gain around 12-14 Percent of Votes in this survey. The VR interest is on the rise, with around 27 Percent of Votes which is quite interesting. VR has been taking off in recent years. I believe that with the release of the new PlayStation VR, the interest of developers will increase even more.
Cloud Gaming services such as Stadia, Xcloud and PlayStation Now are at the end with only 6-8 Percent votes. It seems like developers aren’t interested in these services currently, but I do not blame them because of the failure of Stadia. The world is still not ready for Cloud Gaming, in my opinion.
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