PlayStation patents AI Generated Difficulty Levels for Boss Fights

PlayStation patents AI Generated Difficulty Levels for Boss Fights
Written by Ankit Gaba

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment published a patent under the name “USE OF MACHINE LEARNING TO INCREASE OR DECREASE LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY IN BEATING VIDEO GAME OPPONENT,” so basically, in standard wording, it means that an AI will automatically decrease the difficulty if you keep losing to a boss. It will increase if you win too easily.

The description states, “Machine learning is used to determine (200) one or more video game players’ ability to defeat a non-player video game opponent, such as a boss. The level of difficulty in beating the video game opponent may then be increased or decreased (206) based on the players’ ability to beat the video game opponent. In some examples, another player may then opt-in (302) to the increased or decreased level of difficulty or may choose to play the video game without the increased or decreased level of difficulty.”
Just as I said previously, they will use an AI to determine your ability; if you cannot defeat the boss, the boss’s difficulty will be lowered and adjusted to your ability, and the difficulty will get increased if you can beat the boss very easily. I think this could work really well in some games, and it might replace the choose a difficulty setting in some games. I really hope that they will give an option for both since some users will most likely prefer the choose your difficulty thing more than the AI-Generated Difficulty Level for Boss Fights.
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