IO Interactive is working on a new IP along with James Bond Project

IO Interactive Co-Owner shares some new Information about Project 007 and says that they want to double their staff size for Project 007
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IO Interactive CEO and Co-founder have recently confirmed that IO Interactive is working on a new IP along with the James Bond Project; in a new interview with IGN, he also said that there are more than 200 people in the IO Interactive family, which allows them to create more projects at once and help them in Engine Improvements and stuff related to that. They have opened multiple new studios, but they are still just one studio with different places. They are still working on Hitman, James Bond Game and a completely new IP.
Previously In an interview with a Danish Website, Hakan Abrak (Co-Owner of IO Interactive) shared some new information about their upcoming James Bond Game, also known as Project 007. The interview was originally in Danish, and we translated it.

Hakan Abrak stated in the interview that “it is only years into the future that you can play the role of James Bond – with all that entails of life-threatening missions, raucous car chases and evil villains that will take over world domination.”This basically means that Project 007 is still years away and will feature life-threatening missions, car chases, and evil villains similar to the James Bond Movies. He later stated, “It is certain, however, that the upcoming James Bond game will not be based on any of the 24 films that have been released over the last almost 60 years with the British charmer and agent in the lead role.”According to Hakan Abrak, the James Bond game will not be based on any movies that have been released. They are trying to build a James Bond Universe from Scratch with their own Story; he also said that they want to get James Bond’s character “right.”
“Today we are 200 employees, and I expect that we will be over 400 employees over the next few years. So there is no doubt that the Bond agreement means an insane amount to us,” says Hakan Abrak
the James Bond game means so much to IO Interactive that they are trying to double their staff size for the game. I really hope that what Hakan Abrak said is correct and the Bond game lives up to the hype; if we are going by IO Interactive’s record, I do not doubt them at all since Hitman Games have been amazing. I still have not played Hitman 3 yet. Still, it received critical acclaim from the fans and critics, which is a good sign. I’m definitely going to play it in the future.

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