How has EA FC24 continued to be the most popular football game? 

Say goodbye to the FIFA title and hello to the new EA Sports FC24! The game remains as popular as ever, despite the name change, and fans have already left rave reviews.  

With so many improvements, including an expanded range of women’s teams, newly-refurbished pre- and post-game atmospherics, and a complete revamp of the on-screen menus, the football phenomenon is back and better than ever.  

Choose your favourite players 

The beauty of the game is the huge, diverse range of players available. You can easily become your favourite player, whether that’s Mohamed Salah, Kylian Mbappé, or Lionel Messi. There are hundreds of new players to choose from, making the game appear more fresh, fun, and exciting compared to last year’s offering.  

And, with the exciting addition of female players to the iconic Ultimate Team mode, the game is open and inclusive to more people than ever before. As fans assemble their dream fantasy squads throughout the season, they can now create a team full of the world’s best male and female players.  

Continual development 

Fans love the gameplay that FC24 offers. With ever-changing new features added each year, the realism levels only get better and better each time.  

Its innovative player-scanning technology creates lifelike football players with their iconic movements and body types. And, the game’s Career Mode has been upgraded with noticeable differences, too.  

Pre-match preparation has become more enhanced, allowing fans to attend press conferences and training while being able to view scouting reports on the opposition ahead of the big games.  

Player engagement 

Despite the reboot of the game following the use of the old FIFA brand, FC24 was the second highest-grossing game in the UK and US during its launch in October 2023. It also performed better than previous years with regards to player engagement.  

Within its first week, more than 11.3 million people played the game worldwide. FC24 also has a mobile app that acts as a companion for the game. This, in turn, saw 2.2 million installations on its first day. Following this, 11.2 million people downloaded it within the first 10 days.  

Sales comparison 

FIFA 23 had 10.3 million players in its first week and was regarded as the game’s biggest launch in history. However, FC24 has broken that record already. 

Despite this, physical UK sales of the new game were 30% less than FIFA 23. In addition, the overall sales of the game’s ultimate edition, which costs more than the original copy, were also down in comparison to last year’s game.   

It appears, though, that FC24 is still performing well financially and is making the most of its digital sales.  

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