Guilty Gear Strive Day One Patch is 17.2 GB

Guilty Gear Strive Day One Patch is 17.2 GB
Written by Ankit Gaba

Guilty Gear Strive’s Day One Patch Size has just been revealed, and it turns out that Guilty Gear Strive’s Day One Patch is apparently 13.4 GB on PlayStation 5.
On PlayStation 4, the Day One Patch of Guilty Gear Strive is 17.2 GB
There are no patch notes available as of now for the PS5 version, but I am pretty sure this patch will fix a lot of issues, so I would definitely suggest you update the game if you buy it Physically.

The Patch notes for PlayStation 4 Version are

    • Updated Story Mode
    • Added the Player Patch Mode
    • Added English Voice
    • Improved Overall Game Stability
    • Added data of the various downloadable content.
    • Added the upload/download saved data function in the system settings.
    • Added 2 new playable characters, “Anji” and “I-No.”
    • Changed the function of the Online Match to improve user experience.
    • Improved overall game stability.

An Image from Guilty Gear: Strive

This patch seems really necessary to get the proper experience. It’s great to see the developers patching these issues up and adding new stuff before the game is even released, but it might be a pain for those who have a really bad internet connection or don’t have access to one.
Guilty Gear Strive is scheduled to release on 11 June
Here are the Links to Pre-Order Guilty Gear Strive:
PC (Via Steam)
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