Gods Will Fall Review

Gods Will Fall Review
Written by Ankit Gaba

Game: Gods Will Fall
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Action-RPG
Developer: Clever Beans
Publisher: Koch Media/Deep Silver
Reviewed on PS4

When I opened up Gods Will Fall, the first thing I noticed was the fantastic way it told a story with animated presentations. The narrator spoke some language I could not recognize, but that somehow made the storytelling even better with the captions.

In Gods Will Fall, Gods have tortured humans for millennia, and our characters are the last hope for Humanity. In the beginning, You have 8 Celtic Warriors, and I love how all of them have their differences of every size. Each of them is equipped with their exclusive weapon type. Still, only one can go at once in the dungeon/gateway to a god and fight the god. If the warrior fails to do so, they either die or cannot return until you beat the dungeon and the boss with some other character. Once you beat the dungeon, every character that got trapped in it (if they did not die) will come along with the one victorious over the god and the gateway.
I was not a big fan of the animations in the beginning and the art style, but they grew on me. I loved the navigation system and the way everyone travels together to go to a gateway. Still, there’s a thing about it that I pretty much hated it was that the game does not tell you which gateway you should go to next like it is not a significant issue. Some gateways might be too overpowered (or I am just bad).
There are small parkour elements, too, but they do not work well because it is so easy to fall, and you will have to start from the beginning of the dungeon with a different character if the character you previously chose falls.


Combat System: Easy to learn but Hard to Master

Now let’s talk about the Combat System. It is pretty basic and easy to learn but hard to master. I loved the combat. Most characters have a different weapon, and you can replace those weapons as well. My favorite weapon was the Spear because no enemy could touch me when I had the spear. You are given a Heavy Attack, Light Attack, and a Battle Roar (restores your health if you have enough roar power). You can also pull off some satisfying combo-type attacks by picking up an enemy’s weapon, throwing it at someone else, and then jumping right at the enemy. You can also parry your enemy’s attacks if you press the dodge button towards them when their weapon is shining. You have to time it right to parry their attack
the weapon types in this game are twin axes, maces, swords, spears, etc. The weapons have their classes, and bronze weapons are more robust than the old type of weapons.
All of the Warriors have different attributes. Some have a lot of speed, some have a lot of strength, and they might lose their vigor/health or even power because of the lore; since all the warriors are related to each other. If their friend gets stuck in a gateway, they might gain a lot of confidence to bring their friend back, or they might lose some and lose their strength along with vigor until they beat the challenge ahead.
It is a challenge to dodge/fight your way through a gateway. The great thing is that if you beat the enemies in a gateway, the boss loses some of their health.
All of the boss fights are very challenging, and you have to figure out a proper way to beat them. All of the Gods fight very differently, so you have to repeatedly try until you eventually figure out a way to defeat them.
It is game over when all of the challengers fail at defeating the gateway or the boss. If all of them fail, you have to start from the very beginning of the game.


Details to Notice

There are many details to notice in Gods Will Fall, one of them being the gateway’s art style. It is very different in every gateway, and the aesthetic is just amazing, but that’s not the only detail you will notice. If a warrior gets stuck, all the other warriors start crying, and when someone goes into a dungeon, all of the other warriors cheer him up.
While traveling narrator might say story-related stuff in the background, which makes the travel more exciting and intriguing. I also liked how the soundtrack changes based on a gateway’s aesthetic, and the soundtrack is just excellent and fits the game very well.


Overall, Gods Will Fall is a fantastic game with rogue-lite elements and offers a lot of content. I will go back to it and beat it again in the future. One thing I did not talk about in this review was the Lore and the Story to keep it spoiler-free, but I can assure you that it is excellent. There were no frame rate issues or any types of bugs that I experienced during my Playthrough of Gods Will Fall. It seems like the developers have done an excellent job on this game. I look forward to what they cook up next. If you like Rogue-Lites, then I will recommend you to buy Gods Will Fall because it is one of the best Rogue-Lite/Action-RPG I have played in a while, even though it is way more challenging than the other ones I have played, but if you want to take on this challenge and want to defeat all the Gods so you can save the humans, please buy it. Gods Will Fall is not perfect. It has some minor issues such as lousy platforming, and sometimes it might not be fair to the player, but overall it is an amazing experience.


  • Amazing Story Telling and great boss fights
  • Good Aesthetic/Art Style
  • Fitting Soundtrack
  • A lot of great details to notice


  • Bad platforming
  • Too unfair at times


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