God of War Ragnarok is gearing up for launch according to a Job Listing

God of War Ragnarok is gearing up for launch according to a Job Listing
Written by Vince Abella

God of War Ragnarok is one of 2022’s most anticipated game releases despite already being an incredibly packed year, with some GOTY-worthy titles already having been released. The long anticipated sequel to the wildly and unanimously acclaimed 2018 entry into the long running series may see promotion according to reports and job listings. As of now, there is rather limited marketing for the brand new God of War, as there is currently only one trailer online that was released last September of 2021. The only other promotional material includes the title’s logo in addition to some images of both old and new characters courtesy of the game’s art director, Raf Grassetti. 

Image of Job Listing for God of War Ragnarok

With all the limited marketing and a vague “2022” release date for the game, fans are waiting constantly for new content from Sony and Santa Monica Studio, and with a brand new job listing, there is a chance the game will see more marketing, it was spotted that there was a job listing looking for a Brand Manager to help Sony out with future

exclusives, which includes God of War Ragnarok. The listing, no longer on LinkedIn apparently, states that the team is looking for someone to join the global brand marketing team for God of War Ragnarok, hinting at the progress being made with regards to promotion. Without a release date or a second trailer yet, fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding the upcoming sequel, and thanks to this job listing, there may be a chance that new content will be coming soon.

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